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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Sewing Pattern!!

Well!!!!! I am so excited about this new sewing pattern. I have been thinking about what would look good with the Twirl SKORT. The Dress Tops really do not do it because you don't get to see the look of the whole SKORT. The most popular shirt has been a custom applique tee or just a plain tee. As cute as that is, I wanted more options and that is how I came up with this Top. It will look awesome with the Twirl SKORT or with a coordinating Boutique Bottoms or with a cute pair of ruffled jeans (which I know I still need to write!) So here it is!!

HOPE JOY Bubble Top

My plan is to complete everything by this weekend. :) And I have to give a BIG BIG Thank you to my Mom!!!!! I have been talking to her about my next pattern and how I just could not find the time and so she called me this morning and told me it had been on her mind through the night and that she was on her way over to my home to watch the toddlers so that I could start it!!!!! I was able to sew it, take all the pictures, and now I need to write the instructions and design the cover. Thank you thank you thank you, My Mother!!!!! But of course Mom would want to do this with enthusiasm since she had waited for years and years for her daughter (me) to love sewing as much as she does!!!!! So don't give up Moms who want their daughter to love sewing..... I am hope that they can love it one day!! :) I'll give the story behind HOPE JOY in my next post!


Melanie said...

Ohhh Aimeeeeee....Yes thats me saying it with such adoration!! It is beautiful!!! Just beautiful!!! I just love your story about your Mom.. What a doll.. I have a mom that is like that too.. God bless them.. Well I for one am sooo Excited for you!! The Name is Perfect for this beautiful top!! Love Love Love it!!

sugarandspicecouture said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT, I am also blessed with such a wonderful Mom like yours =) I cant wait for the pattern, I am purchasing it the minute you have it up!!
I love all your patterns I almost have all of them =)

MorningSong said...

What a super cute top! That is the sort of top I envisioned to go with the skort too!

Love love love it! I only have to add the elastic to my Faith top - I sewed it one night and was basically done when my tummy ache returned. I am inspired to go finish tonight so you can have a photo tomorrow!


Momma Roar said...

So cute!!!!

Can't wait to hear the story!

Donna W said...

Aimee, Love the Top, it is just georgous...Can't wait to get the pattern, so I can buy some more fabric and sew my little girl the skort and top set. I'm so excited for you!!! I wish I could design patterns, I'll just have to let you do it for me...Thanks, I love all your patterns. I'm almost finished another boutique top and bottoms set for my Daughter and one for my friends Daughter. I'll send you a pic.
From Donna W.

muralimanohar said...

That is really cute! Perfect for something like a skort! I think I should make one for my neices, lol.

Nanette said...

This is so cute Aimee. It will look great with the skort.

bellasmom said...

Aimme...I absolutely love it! It's perfect!! You are such an amazing talent. God Bless you for your creative genious! Thanks to you I have found a passion that I might not have ever found. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Abbie from TN

bLaSk said...

Aghhhhhh this is by far the cutest thing I have seen... besides your other patterns that I have made the same commment about..ahahah!!!
I MUST HAVE THIS>.. ohhh my goodness!!

Anonymous said...

Aimee, you have done it again! You are so amazing. I am having trouble finding time just to sew the outfits and you are designing them at warp speeds! Good luck finishing everything up! I can't wait!

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