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Monday, September 29, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern is Now Available!

!!!!! NOW AVAILABLE !!!!!
I am so happy to say that my Scoop Neck Dress Top is available here! If for any reason you have problems with the instant download then send me an email and let me know but we tested it (thank you, Nanette!) and it works!!

Here is the description:
You can make your very own ..... Scoop Neck Dress Top! I have designed this Dress Top with the beginner in mind. It is very easy to sew while having that “boutique” look! It is a loose fitting, fun and dainty design and adding rick rack accents just adds to the cuteness! Quick, Dainty, and Fun to make!! It is simple enough to create an awesome custom gift for your niece or granddaughter and makes a great canvas for appliqué or embroidery designs! Pair it up with SewSensible’s Boutique Bottoms for one amazing outfit!

All of my sewing patterns are digital. They are eBooks that come with step-by-step instructions and many pictures to guide you along as you sew your boutique outfit! You will need free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view your purchase. Get Free Adobe Reader here:

PATTERN SIZE 6 months - 6 years
Easy to follow step by step instructions
21 pages of instruction
59 color photos to help you along the way

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

Well, I am happy happy to say that SewSensible's Scoop Neck Dress Top is almost here! My goal is today anytime now. I am trying to get it up on my website. It is never that easy with me since I am not super smart at computers! In the meantime, yesterday our family went to my Mother in laws for her birthday and while we were there I filmed the girls playing with their new Scoop Neck Dress Tops I made them last week! The video is not clear because I used my phone. I did not add the rick rack since I sewed so many last week as testers. However, they are still cute even though the rick rack was left off and as you can see the girls could play and have lots of fun and look SEW cute (lol) while laughing and running! With that said, I introduce you to Rose, Grace, and Zoë! Enjoy the video!


Also, this pattern will be available on YouCanMakeThis soon as well as my Etsy shop! Happy Sewing and have a great day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern and HOPE JOY Bubble Top and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

SewSensible's HOPE JOY Bubble Top and Boutique Bottoms

SewSensible's FAITH Double Layer Dress Top

SewSensible's FAITH Double Layer Dress Top

Here are some awesome Mommy creations that I received a couple of days ago!! Ok, how cute are these two?!!!!! The first Mom used SewSensible's HOPE JOY Bubble Top coupled with SewSensible's Boutique Bottoms along with the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top! Here is what this Mommy said, "Hi There, I bought your patterns a few months ago, and I wanted to send you a few pics of a few pieces I made!!! Still have to make the skort but I LOVED the Faith and Bubble Top Patterns!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! Thanks again."

And the other Mommy used SewSensible's FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern. Here is what this Mommy said, "Hi Aimee, here is some photo's of my Daughter wearing one of my latest creations.... This Dress/top is enjoyable to make , no matter how many times I make it."

Thanks to both of you for sending me these pictures and for your kind words!! Both of your daughters are too precious and adorable!! What blessed daughters they are to have each of you!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

What is taking me so long??!!!!! Well, it's not because I have not been on top of this because I go to bed sewing and wake up thinking about this pattern. It has consumed me to the point of "it is time to get finished with it!" Here is the reason why so long: when I first made the original which is the picture above I thought: I don't think I want as many gathers. Then I had another thought: I believe the sleeve comes up too high under the arm. Then I decided that maybe I should make the bodice a tad bit longer. So that is really why this pattern is not released yet. And then on top of that, I altered my original pattern sheets!! So for the past week I have been getting it back to where I love the dress. Because, honestly, with all the changes, I just liked it and that bothered me. I wanted to love it again! :) And as you can see above, I have been sewing Scoop Neck Dress Tops in my sleep!! LOL But last night after viewing three that were altered I got out my original and now know that I will stick with the original: the original bodice length, the original gathered width, but I did change the space of the sleeve under the arm. So with that said, today I will redraw the pattern pieces back to original. Sew a few more to double check the look and hopefully have this ready real soon.

So let me tell you a little about this precious dress: I have designed it to be a little wide. I tried the skinnier version and it took away the fun look I wanted so I am putting the width back in. It is supposed to be a dress that can be worn to church and come home and be comfortable to play and have fun. Grace and Rose wore their originals (which is the orange/blue one above) to the park way back when I made it and as I sat back watching all of them play, I really loved seeing them in those dresses and the laughing and fun they had! So the Scoop Neck Dress Top will not be a snug dress. It is a loose fitting, fun and dainty design! I love it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

And here is the second tester picture I received. Tonight I was able to adjust the sleeves and I made a testing of size 2,3. I am much happier with the new adjustment. Now one thing that came to my attention by this tester is that it was a little too wide. And I agree. My test one tonight was too wide also. This is the size 4,5,6 above. This one is actually pinned in the back for the picture. So I will adjust the bodice tomorrow pretty much back to the original I had. Thanks and thanks to these two awesome testers!! Love the embroidery work too!

So I was hoping the release date would have been tonight but my small changes to the original has made for some delay! :) So the new release date will hopefully be this Sunday night.....sooner if our kiddos cooperate!!!!!

25Sept08 I am adding to this post (it is the next day). The new release date has been delayed and I cannot give a definite day except to say I hope it is next week. Sorry!!

New Sewing Pattern Picture!

Ok, here is a picture of one of my pattern tester pictures of the Scoop Neck Dress Top. I changed the sleeves from the original making them a little bigger; however, I think I might have made them too big. I am going to think about it today and wait to see one more tester that is making the size 2,3 and then I will know what I will do. Maybe I can offer this sleeve and a more tapered sleeve in addition to??

Other than that, I just love this picture and many thanks to my pattern tester! I also forgot to tell you that this pattern has no buttons. I made it super easy for you! And if you wanted to add some elastic at the end of the sleeve you could. I did not give directions for it in the ebook but the sleeve has enough room for a little gather if that is the look you want.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern!

Here is a cute custom creation made by an awesome Mommy using SewSensible's Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern! This is the first time to see the same fabric used for the skirt and pantaloon. It looks great and makes the possibilities for the look of the Twirl SKORT endless! Here is what this Mommy said,

"I was totally shocked how fast and easy it was to make. This is the most involved thing I have ever sewn and I am so pleased with the results!! My 3yo loves it and can't wait for me to make her another one."

Thanks, B, for your kind words and blessing me with this picture! You did a great job and your daughter is precious!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

Ok, after seeing the jean Boutique Bottoms versus the off white Boutique Bottoms, I will definitely use the off white bottoms paired up with this dress for the Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern cover! Grace did a great job too! She was whining right before taking the camera out and managed to get happy for these pictures! Thank you, My Love!! You look beautiful! These are not the final pictures. I was just seeing how the off white pants would look. We will be taking pictures this weekend.

I will also offer tthe above two patterns as a collection: Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern.

7:40 PM I am back at this post to put Rose's Scoop Neck Dress Top I just completed! I am going to start Zoë's next and hopefully put that picture tonight as well. This dress is size 5/6. Grace's above is size 3/4.

10:02 PM Here is Zoë's sweet little dress! Now they are ready for church this weekend! This is a size 7/8. This size will not be part of the new release but my plans are to offer tween sizes also. I can tell though from this dress it looks like it might be too big. Zoë is sleeping so I will not know until tomorrow.

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

I had plans to couple the Boutique Bottoms above with my new sewing pattern, Scoop Neck Dress Top, for the cover pictures but now that I see the picture of them together I think I would rather a solid white Boutique Bottoms. I will try both on Grace today and see how it looks. I added SewSensible's Rose Doll Embrodery Applique' Design with a matching dress top to the Bottoms with the words blessed. I plan to work on this pattern all weekend and try to have it released by next Wednesday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern!

Just now I was checking out my Etsy shop and saw a new feedback comment with this picture attached! How cute!! This is SewSensible's Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern! This is still one of my favorite patterns because it is just so feminine and yet keeps our little girls so modest!

And let me make a comment/suggestion for all of you that are making SewSensible Twirl SKORTS: the picture above is a great example of what your Twirl SKORT should look like when finished. The skirt is designed to sit right above the pantaloon ruffle so that you can see the pantaloon ruffle. I came across a SewSensible Twirl SKORT the other day and although it was cute the pantaloons looked longer. If this happens to you this is the mistake you probably made: after you sew your skirt to the inside of the pantaloon and turn top band and skirt right side out make sure you do not fold the top band in half. You will turn the entire top band (which is sewn to the skirt panel) over. I have seen this several times and just wanted to say that if you like the pantaloons longer it still looks cute but the skirt is actually supposed to be just high enough to see just the pantaloon ruffle. If you have this pattern then you know what I am talking about. And, as always, if you are sewing any of my patterns and have a question, do not hesitate to email me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sis Boom's Jennifer Paganelli!

Very humbling! That is the words that come to mind right now! Above is Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom. She is an awesome fabric designer. Does any of the above fabric look familiar to you? Jennifer's fabric was my choice for SewSensible's Tween Teen pattern covers and I used her fabric to make testers of my next sewing pattern: Scoop Neck Dress Top. Her prints are a breath of fresh air..... fun, happy, and beautiful and a huge source of inspiration!! The reason I am so humbled is that she blogged about me today. Again, very humbling! I don't know her personally but she seems to me that she mirrors her fabric designs: fun, happy, and beautiful! Take a stroll to her blog and get ready to be INSPIRED!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern

While the strong gusts of wind from Hurricane Ike are blowing outside our windows, I was able to sew the cover dress of my next sewing pattern: Scoop Neck Dress Top! I was going to add some ruffles under the bodice and at the bottom of the dress but I decided to keep with the simplicity of the dress. However, I did add some rick rack accents! This dress is super easy to sew and I believe it turns out so adorable! I will be working on the step by step directions this weekend if we do not lose electricity from Hurricane Ike and I have plans to make a pair of denim Boutique Bottoms with a coordinating ruffle to match this dress!

This is a size 3,4 with rick rack accents and Grace's name embroidered on the bodice.

Rose Doll Applique' Embroidery Design!

SewSensible's Rose Doll Applique' is available for purchase! She is so cute. In the second picture you see the words "blessed", this is not part of the design. At this time it is only availabe at My Etsy shop. Soon I will figure out how to get the instant download on my website, SewSensible. Until then you can find all of my Embroidery Designs here. I have some plans for my doll designs. Look for these surprises in the future. I am in the process of getting three more doll designs digitized. I cannot wait to show them to you. They are the Grace Doll, Zoë Doll, and Heidi Doll Embroidery Applique' Designs. They are named after my four daughters.

All of my Doll Embroidery Designs will have their Dress Tops as the Applique' so that you can match them to the custom outfit you are creating! Looks great on Dresses, Boutique Bottoms, Tees, and/or jeans, totes, purses, towels, and aprons!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Dress Top Sewing Pattern!


Oh, I was so excited to get Rose to try on her dress this morning. And then Grace wanted to wear hers so I have been having fun looking at them all morning in their new dresses! Rose's was not gathered as much as Grace's for the dress panel and I believe I will gather it more. I rather the look of slightly more gathers than Rose's has. Other than that, I am very happy with the outcome of the pattern. Today I cut out a size 7/8 to make for Zoë. I am hoping to have this pattern for Tweens and Teens. We will have to see :)

HOPE JOY Bubble Top and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

These pictures were sent while I was out of electricity during Hurricane Gustav and am now able to post them! This precious little girl is from Australia!! It is just amazing to me that we have a tool (the internet) to connect people together from all over the world! I love that!! This is an awesome Mommy creation using SewSensible's HOPE JOY Bubble Top sewing pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern! Here is what this Mommy said,

"Hi Aimee, well I just wanted to email you again to thank you so much for sharing these patterns. I have made the bubble top and boutique pants this weekend for my daughter. The weather is finally turning warm here and I look forward to making more of these outfits for her to wear. She turns one on Wednesday and I thought this would be a great outfit for her to wear on her special day. Take care, G, Western Australia"

Thanks, G, for the wonderful pictures of your custom outfit and your precious daughter! She looks adorable! And thanks so much for your kind words! And a big Happy Birthday to L!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Sewing Pattern!

Tonight I was able to sew another tester of my next sewing pattern! This one is for Rose! Rose is asleep right now but I would LOVE to have her try it on!! This is a super easy pattern! I believe you will enjoy sewing this one. I made this particular one without bodice ruffle or a ruffle around the bottom but I will be adding those extras in the pattern. I will take a picture of the girls in their dresses and post tomorrow!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and next Sewing Pattern!

Well!! We made it through Hurricane Gustav! These are pictures of our backyard. I have to say that it was not a fun storm to weather! We are fine. There is so much tree and debris damage all around our town and the surrounding towns. My Mom still does not have electricity. We had no house damage thank God but we did lose 4 trees in the backyard. I don't know of one home that did not lose at least one tree in their yard. One of our neighbors lost 10 trees! We were without electricity for 3 days and were blessed to have it back on by Thursday but our internet connection was 0nly restored today. The children did good. They were a little scared at times but other than that they kept themselves busy and did hardly any complaining about the heat and humidity and no electricity. Tommy and I were very proud of them. I will post some pictures to this blog but mainly will document our Gustav experience on our family blog. Thanks to all customers from Etsy who waited so patiently to have their purchases sent to them.

And during the days of catching up on the laundry, I was able to make a test of my next sewing pattern!! I am excited about this pattern because it has sleeves! Several of you have emailed me in the past and asked if I will ever offer a pattern with sleeves. The pattern is very easy and I know you will love it as much as I loved making it today! This dress you see was originally a size 5/6 but the scoop neck was too small for Rose my 5 year old so I made it a size 3/4 for Grace my 3 year old. However, I forgot to adjust the chest size to fit a size 3/4 so the dress in the picture is too big for Grace around the waist area. I will be adjusting the chest size for all bodices.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav!

I am posting on our family blog until our electricity goes out. You can see updates here :)

Awesome Creations!!

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