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Saturday, April 19, 2008

FAITH sewing pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern with a Lemon Twist!

Ok, I have to show you the CUTEST outfit my sewing friend made: FRESH LEMONADE!! First, let me tell you about Melanie! She has a gift of edification, exhortation, and encouragement! If you are remotely feeling the slightest bit down email Melanie because she will make you feel great in no time flat!! I met her through my SewSensible blog and have come to look forward to her emails! See, SewSensible is more than just ol'patterns, it's a place where we Mommies and GrandMommies and Aunts can break free from the weight of this world and take a much needed breather. I know for me, sewing helps me get balanced again especially after a long day of disciplining and training my children in the way they should go!! It is exhausting at times!! And I know I am not alone. Anyway, Melanie kept me in suspense all night and then I was gone all day but just now this is what I got to see!

I had to put all of them because I just could not leave one out! :) Melanie used SewSensible's FAITH sewing pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern. The Twist is not only in the cutest embroidered Lemonade Stand but also in the Bottoms. I love how creative she is (and some inspiration from her husband! :) Instead of adding ruffles to the Boutique Bottoms she added elastic in the leg as well as ric rac!! OK, this is a super cute outfit!! Melanie, it is time to go in business for yourself with these creations! Your daughter seems to be a natural at modeling :) And if you are interested in purchasing this adorable outfit you may click here!

Side note: I have been researching embroidery machines and talking with Melanie and I am definite that I will be expanding SewSensible down digital embroidery path! I cannot wait! I look forward to partnering my sewing patterns with some custom embroidery designs!! And if you did not know yet, You Can Make This! has a new sister site coming called SWAK Embroidery! There will be free ebooks on how to embroidery for all of you who may be interested. They have a newsletter right now to sign up for. Sign up here!

Thanks so much, Melanie, for an incredible outfit!!!!! You totally went above and beyond on this one!


Melanie said...

Ok.. I am crying.. Aimee.. You are such sweet friend!! You have inspired me, Lifted me and Helped me in more ways than one will ever know. You have a gift that abundantly overflows!! Thank you for all your kind words.. You will always have a friend in me!! Many hugs!!

bLaSk said...

Ohhh my goodness, this is tooooooo cute!!!

Paula said...

Awesome Mommy Creation!

Awesome Creations!!

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