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Friday, April 25, 2008

HOPE JOY Bubble Top and Twirl SKORT sewing patterns!

Well, remember when my sweet Mom came over the other day and watched my children that were home to let me start my next sewing patter? She also decided that afternoon to take two of our girls with her so for the past two days I have only had two children at home during the day!!!!! This is huge for me because normally I have four at home so this has allowed me to get busy!! :) I wrote out the instructions last night and today I was able to sew the Twirl SKORT to match my HOPE JOY Bubble Top. This is the outfit that will be part of the cover. Oh, and a big thank you to the Holy Spirit who I just know lullabied my sweet one year old to sleep for a great morning nap that allowed me to sew this SKORT! And I am not kidding, as soon as I sewed the last stitch of the last step to complete my sewing project, Elijah woke up!!!!! Now that is no coincidence to me! Thanks, Mom, and thank you, Lord, for giving me this time! :)

Ok, this last picture has absolutely nothing to do with sewing but as I was outside taking pictures of the skort and bubble top I thought you might like to see what I drive on a daily basis!! :) This is our family van and the car I drive to Walmart when I am by myself. HUGE!!!!! During the beginning of our marriage I used to tell Tommy that no way would I ever drive a utility vehicle. Because, you know, I was wayyyyy to cool for a utility vehicle!! Well, God showed me..... He let me know I do not drive a utility vehicle..... now it is just a commercial looking 10 passenger white church-looking van!!!!! LOL He does have a humor you know! I have no more pride!!!!! LOL If some of you are just finding this blog and don't really know me and why I would need such a beautiful big white van. You can visit me here! :)

Be blessed today! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Amiee,

I love the new top pattern and I really want to try the Faith top too. As soon as i get the money I am going to get both. I have made several of the dress tops and bottoms and just love how easy they are to make. I Love your patterns they are always so easy to follow.

Kim (

bLaSk said...

OH I am laughing so hard at the VAN.. not because you have one... but because I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! hahahaaha!!
I told my hubby I would NEVER drive a Mini Van, much less a White One... someone please explain to me why the registration to a 2005 Toyota Sienna Mini Van says that I am the owner??
Yes you do still have me beat I haven't made it to the Full Size van... but the thought of having to get a bigger van is my birth control right now..hahaha!

Melanie said...

Oh Amiee.. I am Laughing with tears... I think its got to be the Holy Spirit!! I can just feel it! You have blessed me today as always... I needed this post!! God is so good he has beautiful perfect timing (Your Son's Nap) This Post was just the lift I was needing.. I am soooo Happy you were able to complete your sewing! And the VAN!! I Love it.. I have four kiddos as you know and I have a Tahoe...Let me tell you what I would give for one of these Vans!! haha.. I love it!! Just Love it!!

God Bless Sister!!


Jennifer said...

Amiee, does the top stay down well? I would love to see it on one of your girls with the skort.

SewSensible said...

Thanks, Kim!

Tiffany, that is too funny that you can relate with me!

Melanie, I actually like the van in a weird kind of way!! LOL

Jennifer, it stays on well. The key is to make sure you do not have the waist too tight and the straps cannot be too short. I am making the cover tonight so I will try to post it tonight if I finish it. The outfit looks so cute! I tried to make me one this weekend and all I have to say..."What woman wants to actually be in a BUBBLE Top!!??" LOL It made for a look of some extra "weightage!!" if that is a word!

bLaSk said...

hahaha I just read your
"I kinda like the van" comment.. what is so funny is ME TOO!! I think about getting rid of it..and I just can't...
When did we become these people..ahahhaa!

SewSensible said...

we became those people when practicality won over coolness!! I think that was about the time 8 kiddos came into my home!! when hooking my keys to my belt loop was more convenient, when wiping the runny noses with our hands and wiping them on our clothes, when bringing your children to school in your slippers is no big deal, when Barney songs, Sesame Street songs, and Veggie Tale songs come out of your mouth when no children are around, when you sound like your Mom EVERYDAY!! I think that is when the tranformation took place!! LOL

Here is a funny story for know how our hair can be the last priority when raising children and I look pretty uuukk on many days. Well one day I washed my hair because Mom was coming over to watch the children so I could go to the store and it was one of those beautiful spring days no humidity, breeze in the air, just beautiful. And to top it off my hair did great, I had my favorite pair of jeans on and I just felt like I looked great and I felt great too!! Well I was in that big ol van just enjoying my time alone, singing loud with some praise and worship music on and just really enjoying the moment, remembering the days back when, feeling like well that I looked pretty good!! I pulled up to the red light, windows all down, breeze coming through and I just sat there feeling good and I turned to my right and because my van is SO big I look down to see who is next to me. Well today at this red light was this beautiful blonde in a white covertible and I just sighed and laughed out loud and I thought, "I don't care how godd I think I look....I am never going to look that good in this van!!" It was like an outer body experience thinking the direction my life had taken since those college years!! It still makes me laughing thinking about that day!!

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