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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top

Ok these pictures are EXTRA special to me because these are two of my adorable nieces! This is the Easter present I gave them yesterday using SewSensible's FAITH sewing pattern! I know, a little late. I was waiting on the monogram and well..... they put the initial lower than I asked and they didn't have the hot pink that would have looked better I believe and they didn't finish the A and small threads were all over the M. I'll just have to find another place or continue to beg my Mother to learn how to monogram with her new machine!! :) Now for my lack to detail: I made one size too small for my littlest niece, Annalyce, so I could not add the elastic! oops!! But after ALL that, they still look cute!!

Thanks, Jill, for sending me these pictures!!

OPTION FOR FAITH: You know you could actually just put the elastic in the back and monogram on the top band. That is one option! Instead of leaving a 1" opening in the back middle, you would leave a 1" opening on one side of the back and a 1" opening on the other side of the back with a estimated space between the two openings at 6".


Melanie Bushby said...

Oh they are still so precious. Now about the Monogramming...I too just got my Embroidery machine and I am going to have to try this on the faith, I am making several for my girls for summer! How cute they will be with an embroidery design to match!! Great Idea!! Aimee, You amaze me! You Inspire me! You Bless Me! Have a wonderful day!

bLaSk said...

I never thought to monogram the Faith Dress.. How CUTE!!! I got my machine at Wal Mart, and it does embroidery... it was cheap compared to the bigger badder on the market, but it does just enough for me...
it is the disney brother machine,
and I must diddo the above comment
"You amaze me! You inspire me! You bless me!"

SewSensible said...

Ok, now do you guys EVER make me feel great!!!!! Thank you!!

Tiffany, that is what my Mom has. She has her eye on bigger and better too but for now she needs to learn this machine so she can help out her daughter!! :) It's so funny because she and I are ALWAYS talking about what we would like to have and how and when can we get it!! She is just so happy that I FINALLY love sewing. She tried for years to get me to like it and it just did nothing for me. All it took was to have some daughters and BAM the sewing bug bit me!!

Again, thank you both for being so sweet!
In Christ,

SewSensible said...

Oh, and Melanie, please send pictures when you get a chance of your monogrammed FAITH!! :)

SewSensible said...

That made me think how exciting SWAK Embroidery is going to be for us!!!!!......that is, when my Mom learns her machine!! I guess I may have to talk Tommy into buying me that sounds good!! :)

Melanie Bushby said...

You bet I will be sending them over!! You know about the Machine I got it was on HSN It is the Brother PE700ii... And the only way I could Justify getting one was the flex pay.. Over five months of paying it off. Then I also found a promotional code to use to get 50.00 off. I believe it is going to be a great investment. I already Monogramed a cherry on one of my daughters dresses! So cute...

Best Part was my hubby Kissed my head and said "I'm so glad I bought this for you!" Now if that does'nt seal the deal then I don't know what would! haha..

Anyways.. Explore the SWAK when it all arrives.. I am itchin for some stitchin' on there.. Now we can have eachother to go to for help too!! Woohoo..
Take care and God Bless...


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