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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Child Peasant Dress and Women's Dress Top Sew Pattern in the making

Well I am sewing :)  Seriously, I think I got more sewing patterns accomplished when I had all little children home than I do now. I am sewing but finding the time to draw the graphics for the directions is the challenge.  Above is a simple peasant dress I am donating to the 2012 Faces of Hope Gala and Silent Auction for www.traffickinghope.orgTrafficking Hope’s focus is to promote public awareness and to provide safe housing for victims of human trafficking. I will be donating two dresses to this awesome event!  I'll finish the second one tomorrow.  It would have actually been finished today BUT I got side-tracked with drawing a women's top I saw on someone and the end result is the picture below.  This is the first top that I have sewn for me that I actually love!  If I can get around to drawing graphics I hope to make this my first woman pattern! Yay!  (but please don't hold your breath :) Hope all is well with y'all!  In Christ, Aimee'

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