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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

~ I received my Tanya Whelan's Delilah fabric yesterday from FatQuartershop! This will be the fabric for my new FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and Skirt Sewing Pattern ~

Happy New Year 2010!! May your God-given dreams come to fruition in 2011, may your family be abundantly blessed, may you know how wide, how deep, and how long God's love is for you!! May you never give up but be strengthened through and through on this amazing journey!! Looking forward to hearing from you in 2011 and getting creative and having fun!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sewing Pattern Projects!

taken with a fund iphone app: Instagram and Diptic

Here is what is on my mind today: Sewing Pattern Projects!! (and of course my favorite coffee cup goes along with me that I found for a few cents at a hand-me-down store aka Treasure Store as the children call it!! Who in the world would part with such an amazing coffee cup!! ;)

The New Year is almost here and I am just so excited! I love a New Year and making plans and dreaming!! I believe that is why I love Disney so much: you walk into a world where people like you and me dreamed big and imagined and believed..... you walk into the fruition of their dreams and ideas!! I love that! (ok I have Disney on the brain evidently!! )

I hope and pray you have an amazing New Year and that you allow yourself to dream and imagine and trust God that He has a plan for you and your family! A future with a hope!!

Love y'all!
Happy New Year!
In Christ, Aimee'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

It was this kind of Christmas!! HAhA!! squeezing in all the fun we can! :) Very blessed and very wonderful! All glory to Him!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas and two Free Sewing Tutorials!

Praying your Christmas season is full of God's abundant blessings!
In Christ, Aimee'

~ Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve ~

The Boutique Serving Spoon and Cake Serving Spatula Sleeves are a way to add some fun to your family gatherings, office parties, and/or children's birthday cake table decor! You can even add some charms to the ribbon to dazzle it up more! They also make great hostess gifts or quick girlfriend gifts! I have designed them to be very simple to sew and the best part is you can use some of your fabric remnants/scraps.

And here is a Christmas Felt Ornament tutorial I did two years ago! Happy Sewing!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Sewing Pattern Tutorial!

~ Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve ~

The Boutique Serving Spoon and Cake Serving Spatula Sleeves are a way to add some fun to your family gatherings, office parties, and/or children's birthday cake table decor! You can even add some charms to the ribbon to dazzle it up more! They also make great hostess gifts or quick girlfriend gifts! I have designed them to be very simple to sew and the best part is you can use some of your fabric remnants/scraps.

Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve and Boutique Cake Serving Spoon Sleeve free tutorial!

I have completed the free tutorial. I just need to get it downloadable! It should be ready this evening! Super easy and super cute and best part is it only takes two small pieces of your leftover fabric!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve Sewing Pattern!

~ Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve ~

This is just a fast and cute sewing project for the holidays or someone's special birthday party!! The Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve Sewing Pattern will be here in a few days! I need to get the measurements done for the Boutique Cake Serving Spoon and then I can have it available. The Boutique Cake Serving Spoon is just the sweetest additional decor to your little girl's birthday party!! It just gives a little extra dazzle around the cake table!! You can also add some bling bling to these spoon sleeves to really go the extra mile at your parties and gatherings!!

Bib Apron Sewing Pattern!

A year ago I designed two apron patterns. One of the testers of the apron pattern emailed me the other day to see if she could get the pattern again because she could not find hers and she really wanted to make a bib apron for her twin sister. I am thankful that she did email me because it got me excited about the aprons again! I decided to try and make it available before Christmas. This is the bib apron but the pattern also makes a hostess apron. I posted the pics last year. Here is the Hostess Apron from this pattern. I have designed it to be very simple to sew. It really would make a great gift for your girlfriends along with a matching Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve! Ha! Now to get them available!!

I just love the fabric above! This is one of Amy Butler's fabric collections.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Black & White Cheetah

A good friend of mine has just opened up a cute boutique, FANCY FLOPZ , making the cutest fancy flip flops!! Just a great gift idea, stocking stuffer, or a great gifts for a group of cheerleaders or school girls! It can be personalized to the school colors or animal print design! so cute and would look great with a pair of Boutique Bottoms and matching Boutique Dress Top!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve Tutorial coming soon!

~ Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve ~


Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve! The sleeve on the right above was actually extra fabric from my girls' Thanksgiving Dresses and so was the ribbon. It was cute that they matched the Green Bean casserole serving spoon. However, a beautiful damask print, animal print with Christmas red ribbon would really make your casserole dish POP!!!!! It is simple and easy and only takes some of your left over fabric! yay!! This is a great hostess gift idea or a fun way to add holiday decor to any party or gathering. It will also make a great addition to your child's cake serving spoon or your salad serving spoons! So many fabric choices makes for a very fun project..... and super fast!

Thanks to all of you who responded to make one! So appreciate you girls!!
In Christ, Aimee'

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Sewing Pattern Tutorial coming soon!

Hello! I am working on a free Christmas pattern for your family gatherings: Boutique Serving Spoon Sleeve! It is simple and easy and only takes some of your left over fabric! yay!! I have finished the directions and now need to make a few so I can take a cover picture. I don't have the fabric yet nor the ribbon so hopefully on Monday I can run to the nearest fabric store and pick that up and have this pattern ready for download by next weekend (but of course I am not making any promises ;) This is a great hostess gift idea or a fun way to add holiday decor to any party or gathering. It will also make a great addition to your child's cake serving spoon! So many fabric choices makes for a very fun project..... and super fast!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season. We have been out of our home for the past 2 1/2 months but moved back in last week. Just slight chaos! but still blessed!

I am looking for a few people to make this pattern. It is simple and quick! you can comment on here or email me at sewsensible @ sewsensible . net . I only need about 5 people to make one.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fabric Headband and Beginner Sewing Patterns!

always our playful one :)

so excited that Zoë let me put this headband on her!!

Here is another version of the fabric headband. I wanted to take it with Rose but she was sleeping strong on the couch from a long day of soccer games and playing! I saw Zoë playing the DS and snuck up on her and put it on!! She actually smiled when I did which made me smile!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabric Headbands and Sewing Patterns!

I am working hard at getting the patterns ready for the new year. Here are two fabric headbands that I made today to go with the Twirl SKORT outfits I am making for the new pattern cover. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Fall/Thanksgiving season. Here in Louisiana we had a few days of heater weather and now we are back to AC weather. I love Louisiana :)

This is my SewSensible facebook page and I also have a SewSensible page.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sewing Patterns and Rose Bib Necklace

Ok, learning how to make them a little tighter and the more you make the faster you can do it..... but isn't that with most anything! Not quite finished with this one and I do not have any vintage looking buttons so I had to use the only rhinestones I had and it looks very imitation but at least you get the idea. Oh and did I say how much fun they are to make!! :) Now it is time to put flea market on the list of things to do soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sewing Patterns and Rose Bib necklace!

Starting sewing the accessories for the cover patterns this weekend! Ok, had so much fun making this bib necklace!! I will be working on the Twirl SKORT new pattern cover this week and probably making some more accessories!! :) Hope all of you have a fantastic week and I will surely post pics along the way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twirl SKORT Sewing Pattern!

Don't you love this fabric!!? I do!!!!! This will be the fabric I will use
for the new cover for the Twirl SKORT in 2011

Twirl SKORT information: I am out of stock of the Twirl SKORT physical sewing pattern. If you are interested in this physical pattern you can visit one of the shops on the right sidebar that sell SewSensible boutique shops. Now for the update: I am working everyday on patterns for 2011. I will have the Twirl SKORT physical pattern ready again in the beginning of the year. It has been one of my top sellers and I understand why..... we all love our children to dress modestly and this pattern did all that along with making our precious little girls laugh and play, jump and flip while being modest! I just love this pattern and can't wait for it to be available again.

Side Note: for all of you that own the Twirl SKORT or will be buying it I do want to let you know there is one spot that many are sewing incorrectly (and when I say incorrectly I mean not the way I designed it but they may like the way they are doing it so take this sewing tip for what it is): When sewing the skirt onto the pantaloon make sure to take all of the skirt and flip forward over the pantaloon and not fold it to where you make a casing. The correct way to flip the skirt over the pantaloon is to flip it completely over. If you have the pattern you will see what I am talking about when you get to that step. It will make a difference in the look of the Twirl SKORT. If flipped correctly the skirt will hang right over the seam of the ruffle of the pantaloon. If flipped incorrectly the skirt will hang higher above the pantaloon ruffle. Again, take this for what it is. If you are flipping the skirt the other way and like it then great but just wanted to make sure everyone knew the way the pattern was designed. Love all of you and can't wait to show you my changes and additions for 2011!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Reversible Pleated Dress Top with matching Boutique Shorts!

Here are some items I am sewing for a few changes with 2011 patterns. This is the Reversible Pleated Dress Top with matching Boutique Shorts!

If you are on facebook I would love for you to add me as a friend! This is my SewSensible facebook page and I also have a SewSensible page.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sewing Hope

I was asked to help get the word out about Sewing Hope. There are many opportunities to use our gifts and talents of sewing and this is one of those great opportunities :)
Sewing Hope: an organization with the goal of bringing friends together to sew handmade projects which will be donated to charities.

The organization came to be as an effort to combine love for sewing with a desire to help others. Every few months a new project will be announced at Sewing Hope. The post will include all the necessary supplies, patterns and instructions for the project. When you have a moment please check out Sewing Hope and see their first Project!! You will find on their site the sewing directions for this project!! What an awesome way to use the gift and talent of sewing!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sewing Patterns for Beginners 2011

at home enjoying some SewSensible projects on this beautiful sunny day, door open as Rose and Grace go in and out drawing and coloring a bee they keep running from outside while one son is watching SchoolHouse Rock and the other sweet son with his cute little dirty feet taking a nap. Great day! Working on the 2011 physical patterns. Was also able to sew me a skirt last week..... maybe a future pattern. Hoping to post more pics of what I am sewing this coming week! Hope all of you are doing great!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boutique Bottoms for Fall!

Here is an adorable Mommy creation: pair of SewSensible Boutique Bottoms made with such pretty Fall fabric! This is from an etsy customer and I thank you for letting me post this adorable appreciation photo! I can just picture your little girl running around outside giggling and laughing in the cool weather with an adorable dress top to match these bottoms! cute cute!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SewSensible meets Creative Smocking!

Aimee' and Tiffany

Last week I was so happy to go and meet Tiffany from Creative Smocking. Tiffany is the owner of Creative Smocking CS Distributing. She was at AllBrands highlighting the different sewing patterns she distributes. I have to say she is super sweet and just as beautiful in person as she is via email! Tiff, it was great finally meeting you in person. Let me know when you come back this way. Hopefully it'll be when all the humidity is gone..... ummhmmm, no wait, it's always humid here ;)

Also, I have added a facebook page however I am so confused if I should keep the fan page or just the main facebook page? any suggestions?? not sure what the difference is other than the like button. I would love to be your friend on the main facebook page!

Monday, September 20, 2010

SewSensible's Facebook Page

I have created a SewSensible facebook page. If you are interested in becoming friends you can use this link. If you are interested in just the page to like then you can use this link. If you get a chance please come visit. (and I obviously do not know what I am doing on facebook as far as pages and the other?? It is a little confusing to me so I did both.)
I pray all of you are doing great!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sewing for Beginners!

What is that? Well, if you are a beginner sewer you are probably asking this question. This is a Bodkin. It is a blunt instrument for threading or as I solely use it to put my elastic through the waist band! I lost mine this summer and the other day was blessed to be able to go spend a couple hours in a fabric store and got me another bodkin along with saturating my self with fabric goodness!! HA!! and also use a gift card my sweet aunt gave me for my birthday! Thanks, Aunt Peggy and thanks Mom for watching the kiddos for me to leave for a few hours!!

Now of course a safety pin works very well inserting elastic but once you use the bodkin..... well, you will see! Where can I find a bodkin? At any craft/fabric store usually by the needles, snaps, and measuring tapes. How much does a bodkin cost? This little treasure was under $3 (worth every bit of it!)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing Music

There are many songs I love to play as I do different things. Last night I stumbled upon Sugar Pie Farmhouse and just so enjoyed her blog and so loved the mood her music playlist put me in! I ended up making my own with a lot of what she has! I hope she doesn't mind :) If you do not want to listen to the music then you can go all the way down to last post and click pause and the music will stop! And if you have time, go visit Sugar Pie Farmhouse site!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sewing Patterns and Customer Creations

"Thanks for the cute patterns. " J

Here are some super cute sisters!! They are wearing their Mommy's custom creation outfits made from HOPE JOY bubble top and Boutique Bottoms. Thanks, J, for sending these in! So adorable!

Well, hello! (smile smile) Last night I opened all of SewSensible, got out my pattern ideas, the new logo I have been working on with my ever so loved doves incorporated in it and just absorbed what I have missed so much! We are still walking in this path we have been placed on but God has shown Himself strong and it is no doubt that as we war during Spiritual Warfare there is a new level of authority one gains and an increased passion for the hurting. That has happened to us. So many good God-moments have come out of this but WOW the pain was real and it hurt! :)

Anyway, I have missed you so much! I have not sewn in months and I can't wait to start again. I am not quite there yet but I know it will not be long. I also want to thank you for all the kind emails and comments I received since June! Wow! I have to say those times I received them were such encouragement and helped lift me up on those days. I so appreciate you guys!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Sewing Plans and Family

Well, I write this as our family is walking through something that requires our immediate attention. Does anything ever go as planned? (smile smile), you know all those plans I had for our summer. My husband and I have 8 children as most of you know and 6 of our blessings were adopted. Adoption is such a precious blessing but the reality is some of our children have come from "hard places" and without the proper care, love, nurture, and counseling these children cannot heal from their past. We have been blessed with some pretty amazing children but each carries different pains from their past that have gotten our attention this summer. Our family is our top priority. I love the call to be each of their Mom! I embrace that role with all I have. With that said, I literally cannot squeeze in time to work on my new patterns and I was adding extra stress to me by pressuring myself to do it. I have come to a place of peace though now and it feels good. I have prayed about what we are going through and about every area of our life. This summer has been difficult but our Father has held us strong and carried us through. Now here are my plans (smile smile): August I will resume finishing my new patterns. Thanks again for all your kind emails. If you have sewn an outfit using SewSensible patterns please don't hesitate to email me! I love to see them and they really inspire others to sew!

Last note: If you are going through something that feels and looks bigger than you please know that you have a Father that is waiting for you to call on Him in your time of trouble or pain and I promise He will show up and carry you through! The song in the last post may spark the fire deep inside of you. I know it empowered me to rise up, stand firm and watch my God fight this what we are going through!
Love y'all!
In Christ, Aimee'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dare to Believe by Charlie LeBlanc

If you are going through a battle right now I encourage you to listen to this song and declare it and believe it to be true for your circumstance, for your family!! The victory is His!! Amen!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern and All in One Romper!

All in One Romper sewing pattern!

Here are some cute pictures of some adorable little girls in some precious outfits made by their Mommies! Above is some All in One Romper pictures. I have to say I love this pattern. It was my very first epattern and I really don't puch to sell it because I have never updated it yet. It is on the list to update so hopefully next year I can have it updated..... hopefully! :) This Mom also has made many shorts for her little man using this same Boutique Bottoms pattern. Thanks, A, for sending these pictures! so cute!!

Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern!

How cute and sweet is this little girl in her Boutique Bottoms?! Here is what this awesome Mommy said, "Aimee', I am so happy with the patterns I bought from you this morning! I was able to complete the bottoms today {in between mom-duties} and I LOVE them! The best part is that these look EXACTLY like "a popular Big Ruffles pant" that cost $36.00 plus tax & shipping!! These cost me the cost of the pattern, $1.99 for a 1/2 yard of fabric and $2.65 for matching thread!! Love it!! R" Awesome savings, R! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Girl Dress, Applique Apron Skirt, FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns!

Happy Girl Dress (short gathered version) sewing pattern!
"Hope you like...she loves these dresses! Thanks Bunches! J"

Applique' Apron Skirt sewing pattern!

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

"Good Morning Aimee! Here are a few pictures of the outfits I created this weekend. :-)
Have a wonderful day! C"

Summer has know doubt been busy to say the least but all good! :) I have been sewing the cover dresses and outfits for my upcoming patterns. I am working on directions today and the rest of the week. I pray your summer is filled with joy and laughter and love! I hope you enjoy the awesome customer creations above made by Mommies like you! Thanks for sending them to post! Such awesome creations and a beautiful sweet model!

When I am home deep in "home" life Tommy and I do not get a whole lot of "us" time so we have made it a point to get away together just in the past couple years. Our destination of choice is always Disney! I think it is because as most of you know, you enter such a wonderful fantasy world! We went at the end of May for a long weekend that started on Thursday. I made sure I soaked in every minute of that trip with him! Thanks, Tommy, you are truly the most awesome husband!! I love you so much!

Awesome Creations!!

Easy to Sew Children Boutique Sewing Patterns

Hello! Welcome to my sewing blog!!

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