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Sunday, April 26, 2009

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern, Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern, Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern, Boutique Dress Top Sewing Pattern

Here are some awesome awesome Mommy custom creations!!!!! I believe you will be inspired by these Moms!! And thanks so much Moms for sending these into me!! You are an inspiration for others and may God continue to bless you! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful and SHINE with their Mommy creations on!!!!!
and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Patterns

"Aimee--Hi there! I kept checking on your patterns at All Brands. I'm sending you a picture of my girls in matching Faith Tops for their Easter egg hunt outfits! But I think that the eggs on the main fabric are kind of abstract and they can wear them all spring! My youngest daugher, is wearing the size 1/2 and my oldest daughter is wearing the size 5/6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern and also posted this picture over at sewforum. I can't wait to make some more for summer! Thanks for designing such fabulous and friendly patterns. I am loving your new pleated reversible dress top. I hope that you and your family had a blessed Easter. Thanks for so freely sharing your talents! In Christ, M"

SewSensible FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern and
Boutique Dress Top Sewing Pattern

"I purchased a few patterns a while back and now have a picture to share. I made matching outfits for my girls and my niece and their dolls. They were sooo easy to make and they turned out beautiful. The girls felt like princesses and were so excited to show them off. They definitely love to match, and we are now planning the next set of outfits. After my battle to thread the machine, everything else was easy. I love the step by step pictures. I am looking forward to buying some more of your patterns. Keep up the great work and I love to look at everyone's wonderful creations. V "

SewSensible All in One Romper Sewing Pattern

"Hey Aimee, I just wanted to show you the All In One Romper I made. I absolutely love this pattern. It is precious!!! Received so many compliments. Thank you. J"

SewSensible FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern

"Aimee, Loved the pattern!"

SewSensible Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern, Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern, and Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern

"Aimee, I've been wanting to "write" for over a year now. I've fell in love with your patterns, and everyone who sees my N's outfits has a fit over them! They immediately ask where I purchased them. I've referred several moms and grandmoms to your site. I'm attaching a couple of photos of N wearing some of our creations. One is her Faith double layer top and bottoms in a cherry fabric. The other is her scoop neck top and bottoms with matching Easter basket. It's so fun mixing and matching the coordinating fabrics. May God continue to bless your family! Thanks for sharing your creativity with others. A"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Applique Apron Skirt Sewing Pattern!

Here is an awesome Mommy creation from one of my blogging friends!! Leigh Ann, love the skirt but love your daughters cute dimple the most!! Thanks for sending this in!! And here is what LA said about SewSensible Applique Apron Skirt sewing pattern:

"This is a really cute pattern! I wasn't sure about it since I haven't done much applique, but I just decided to "feature" a cute fabric and I think it worked really, really well!! The pattern was great and was a pleasure to sew up!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Patterns, Easter Basket Sewing Pattern, Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern, Boutique Dress Top and Bottoms Sewing Pattern,

Here are some AWESOME Mommy creations!! All are incredibly beautiful and all the children are so sweet looking in their handmade outfits made by Mommy!! Thanks all of you for sending them in to me! Receiving your custom creation photos is like getting more chocolate drizzled all over a double chocolate fudge brownie..... very enjoyable!!!!! (Ok, I must be wanting some chocolate real bad!!!!! LOL)

SewSensible Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Pattern

"I really enjoyed making these dresses - the sleeves are really beautiful on. All 3 dresses came out really well and we got tons of compliments on them. Thanks again, C"

SewSensible Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern

"Hi Aimee, I finally got some picture taken yesterday of my little princess in her new outfit. I think I've improved my sewing a bit on this one and I have to say I love this on her! Thanks so much for making such great patterns. THANKS, for making this new sewing Momma look good. :) I also included a picture of a little dress that I made, using pieces of the dress top pattern, out of a free hand me down SHOWER CURTAIN! I think it turned out pretty cute for free. Thanks, A"

SewSensible Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern

SewSensible Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern

"Hi Aimee, I wanted to share these pictures with you. The first two are my oldest daughter and youngest son's Easter Baskets. Next is a couple of my youngest daughter in her twirl skort with her basket (that matches her dress). I didn't get great pictures of the skort but everyone loved it. The last is the little princess in her Easter Dress. I love the Simple Sunday Dress as much as I thought I would...and so does everyone else. Thank you again for allowing me to test that pattern. Hope your family had a very blessed Easter! P"

"Here's pictures of K hunting eggs in her Simple Sunday Dress with her Boutique Easter Basket. I love how they both turned out. I have a baby gift that needs to go out soon. I'm thinking about making one of the baskets to hold all the baby items in.The last picture is an extra I threw in because you can see one of the cousin's in the background in her Boutique Bottoms and Dress Top. J"

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Sewing Pattern Reversible Pleated Dress Top!

Here is the reverse of the new sewing pattern! It is such a sweet look (ok, I may be biased!!) The favorite part is I can make one of these little dress tops in under an hour and have two dresses! This will be perfect for our Disney trip next month!! I will also have the Boutique Shorts with ruffle or band paired with it and I will also add directions for pantaloon (bloomers) in case some of you want that look too! This was a suggestion from a SewSensible friend!

Today I submitted FAITH's new directions to some testers and am still in need of a couple more testers who have never used FAITH Double Layer Dress Top pattern before. The new drawings and directions are for transitioning all my patterns to a physical pattern. I have some great tester photos of the Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms from some great women who volunteered to test the new directions for both! I will be posting their pictures this week and I received some other awesome Mommy creations over the weekend and last week too! I am a little behind because of the Foster Care Fun Day event we had and then April is a big birthday and anniversary month for us along with the celebration of Easter! It's all a blessing!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Sewing Pattern!

Here are some quick snapshots I took of the girls yesterday. And Elijah had to be in there with his sisters!! These are not the best pictures but it gives you a better idea what the shoulder tie reversible pleated dress top will look like with the ruffle boutique shorts (with optional band instead of ruffle!) That was a mouthful..... i'll have to shorten that name for sure!

Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Sewing Pattern and Easter blessings!

Rose and Grace's outfits size 5/6 and 3/4

Pleated front with rick rack accent

Zoƫ's outfit size 7/8

I told you I was making quick and simple outfits for Easter! This is my next pattern that will come out. It is a simple reversible shoulder tie dress top with matching shorts. The Boutique Shorts can be made with ruffles or a coordinating band. There are a couple changes that I believe I will make..... pleats or no pleats, or go the other direction with pleats. The ones above are one variation I am looking at but I have a few other ideas about the dress top. This is an ideal outfit for my southern daughters with the hot weather already here!! :) At least for a quick and simple three-days-before-Easter-outfit!! After this pattern will come another shoulder tie dress but not reversible. It will be very similar to the dress I made Grace for her birthday.

I pray all of you are having a very blessed Easter week and I do pray that each of you are personally blessed this weekend by God's abundant Grace and I also pray you are lavished with His love!!
Happy Easter! In Christ, Aimee'

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sewing and New Sewing Pattern!

I am here! The past weekend my husband and I and some others led an event for the foster children in our community along with it being part of our church's Servolution. I had to put SewSensible aside for the past two weeks in order to make sure this event was a success and with great enthusiasm our OCS Fun Day was a success and we possibly have 7 of the 16 children matched to a forever family!! If you would like to see read some more about the event, you can go here! It was a very emotional event for me.

This week I am sewing my daughter's Easter Dresses..... something real simple and quick!! It is actually going to be my next new sewing pattern!! I know, where is the other one I started!!? It'll eventually come but this one took priority because it is so simple and so quick and the best part about it that it is reversible!! I hope to have some pictures sometime this week! April is a busy month for our family. It is one of our son's birthday this Wednesday. Asa will be six. I can't believe he is already six! Asa was our first born son we adopted so with his birthday come many many wonderful memories of the moment God started blessing us with children. It is me and Tommy's anniversary, it is my brother's birthday, and it is another daughter's birthday which also sparks some awesome memories of how Rose became our daughter! She will be six too! They are 19 days apart: one from the states and one from Peru! And it is Easter!! A blessing of a month!!

I pray you have been having some blessed days and I pray your Easter week is abundantly blessed!

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