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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern goes to Disney, FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern!

And wasn't it just perfect to come back and have three pictures of these cute cute sisters in their Twirl SKORTS at Disney! Love this!! Here is what this awesome Mommy said, "Hi, Thought I'd send you a couple pics of my girls in their twirly skorts. I love them! I bought the pattern while planning the outfits to make for our Disney trip. Obviously, they wore these to the Animal Kingdom. It was great to have them in something cutesy and girly, but as you can see in the one picture, great to get "modest" pictures when they just want to play and not be ladylike. :) I will get lots of use out of this pattern, love it. Oh, and it was very easy to readjust your pattern as well, my not quite 3 year old is almost as tall as her 5 year old sister, but tiny slim. It was very easy to adjust -- in case anyone ever wonders about that. :) Thanks again!"

Thank you so much for sending me these pictures! I have no doubt that your daughters made heads turn in admiration!! I know I have so much fun looking at these pictures! Ok, I may have to make my girls one like this for our Disney family trip in June!!

And then I was blessed with these pictures of one of the Moms who participated in the AllBrands sewing class I taught! How cute is this!! This awesome Mommy used SewSensible's FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern. Love Love this!! I actually made a Twirl SKORT with the butterfly fabric! It is just a sweet design! Hats off to you for this cute cute custom outfit you made your little princess!! I have always loved the way the back of FAITH criss crosses. Here is what this Mom said, "Hi Aimee, I took your class at Allbrands a few weeks back and had so much fun. Your patterns were so easy to follow. I just wanted to send a picture of the finished product ( I still need to take up the elastic in the top). My little girl loves her new outfit…now I have to finish another for the baby. Thanks"

Thanks so much for sending me these pictures! I loved teaching the class and I love even more to see that most of you that attended are busy sewing at home for your loved ones! Awesome!

Here is another awesome Mommy creation from another Mom who attended the AllBrands sewing class a few weeks back. Of course I love this fabric too! Just so so sweet on your little princess. Here is what this Mom said, "This is the outfit I did for the Allbrands class. M loved it!! As if you couldn't tell. I can't wait to make some more!"

Again, thank you so much for sending these pictures! What is better than these pictures is knowing that each of you, Moms, are filled with joy as your daughter wears your custom creation!! Isn't that so much fun!! Thanks for letting me be a little part of that!

NEXT ALLBRANDS SEWING CLASS: I have also scheduled my next sewing class at AllBrands. It will be March 21. We will be sewing the Simple Sunday Dress! This is a great opportunity to sew your daughter or granddaughter an Easter Dress if you are near the BR area!

And here is another awesome Mommy creation using SewSensible Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns. This was an appreciation photo from an Etsy customer! Thanks so much for letting me post this picture! I have alwasy loved the apple and pear fabric design and those sweet pale green shoes are so cute with the outfit!! Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful!

And last but not least is another appreciation photo from an etsy customer! This awesome Mommy used SewSensible's Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern! Cute Cute!! Love the leggings with it!! Your beautiful daughter looks ready to dance and have some fun!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disney for Two! Remembering past moments together, infertile years, the miracle of adoption and the miracle of birth! It's a Wonderful Life!

(I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with sewing but this will tell you why I haven't posted since last week)

Well, I am back from my wonderful and amazing 10th Wedding Anniversary trip to Disney with my awesome husband!! If some of you do not know, Tommy and I have 8 precious children. Six by adoption and two by birth. This all happened about 5 1/2 years ago. That means I was 33 years old when God decided to open the flood gates and multiply our family!! LOL I still chuckle to think I used to tell God "to bring it on"! And He listened!! LOL We received 7 of our children in under two years which made for one huge adventure to say the least! We adopted two within two months (our first son from our home state and our first daughter from Peru) and then about 1 1/2 years later we miscarried (HOPE JOY which is where I got the name for my bubble top), adopted a sibling group of 4 and birthed a child one month after bringing home our sibling group meaning I was 7 1/2 months pregnant while in Peru! Number 8 came 1 year and 9 months later. All this happened after several years of being infertile and a God moment one night during a time that we wanted children so bad and we were so confused and so deeply hurt about why we were not getting pregnant. God asked me if I trusted Him and I instantly said yes and He then said "then trust me to multiply your family." I cancelled our 5th IUI fertility treatment the next day and started thanking God for the children He was going to bless us with. The infertile years are an experience in itself!! LOL upside down, drinking "their" water, temperature, the things we do thinking it will help us get pregnant!! LOL Anyway, enough about all that! :)

Anyway, it has been some time since Tommy and I spent time with just each other so this trip was even more special. The picture above sums up our trip! There was supposed to be one more of these "kissy" pictures and we even waited for a while to get the professional photographer down Main Street to take our picture kissing in front of the castle. I even lifted my leg for this kiss. That was the picture I just wanted so much and do you know when I got home and looked at our pictures online the photographer left out our legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The good thing is that we are going on our family vacation to Disney in June so I told Tommy he gets to do that one all over again!! Fun Fun!!

Some of our highlights other than 5 wonderful days with just Tommy were eating at the Coral Reef Restaurant and Crystal Palace. Excellent food!! And then they gave us these Minnie/Mickey Happy Anniversary pins that we wore everyday and everywhere we went and every park we went to, the staff and workers would tell us Happy Anniversary! They did this ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!!!! That was so much fun!! The only downfall were all the scary children stuff! What is up with that! Snow White's scary adventure..... yuk! However, It's a Small World took all the yukky scary stuff away in my mind! I just love love It's a Small World! And the Nemo musical was fantastic! Soarin!!!!! That is my all time favorite along with Mount Everest roller coaster! It is fast and good but I actually found that DollyWood had an even faster roller coaster that took my breath away and I LOVED it!!!!! All in all I hope Tommy and I do this again!

I have some awesome customer creations I received and try to post those tonight or tomorrow! You will love them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just want to post real fast that I will be unavailable for emails until next Tuesday night! Tommy and I are going on our 10th anniversary vacation!! We are so excited to be able to spend quality time with each other! I don't have automated email response so I hope none of you who email think I am ignoring you! I'll post pictures of our sweet trip when we return. You may be surprised to know where we chose to go!! :)
In Christ, Aimee'

Boutique Dress Top sewing pattern, Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern, and FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern!

Boutique Dress Top Sewing Pattern

Boutique Dress Top Sewing Pattern, FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern, and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern

Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern!

Here are some cute cute awesome Mommy creations! Thanks so much, Moms, for these awesome pictures of your pretty spectacular outfits and your adorable daughters!! Isn't it SEW much fun to see our loved ones wear something we made them!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Applique Ice Cream Cone and New Sewing Pattern pictures!



Applique' Ice Cream Cone

coming soon to SWAKembroidery

Here are some exciting pictures..... at least for me!! :) The first one is from my friend, Dina, who made the Simple Sunday Dress for her daughter. Here is what she said about this dress, "Yeah! I finished my Simple Sunday Dress and it turned out SO CUTE! I haven't gotten a pic of Liv in it yet, but here are some pics of it on a hanger. Love it! It was easy and boy am I happy with how it turned out! Have a great week!"

Thanks, Dina!! Love the dress! Can't wait to see it on Liv!!

The next picture is my newest applique embroidery design. (Well, I say new, but I have several that are ready for testing for about 3 months now but I just have not found the time to test. I finally did test the applique ice cream. I am putting this and a cupcake on some of Grace's jeans and making her a Simple Sunday Dress to match but I will make it a dress top instead of a dress with the same fabric in the picture above. I will also add ruffles to the jeans. Hopefully I will remember to take picture of adding the ruffles and make that a free tutorial. Someone please remind me!!) Anyway, the Applique' Ice Cream Cone will be available on SWAKembroidery soon! It is a yummy fun design for spring and summer!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

This is such an adorable picture! Too sweet!
I think I will have to make the same outfit for my girls for our trip!

Love these..... so many possibilities to customize outfits!

Here are some pictures of some awesome Mommy creations! Both Moms used SewSensible Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern. This is the easiest pair of bottoms to make and can be done in under an hour!! My daughters have a closet full of them and it looks like these little girls do too! Thanks so much, Moms, for sending me these great pictures! These are awesome! And Mickey Mouse will see our family soon too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern and the Simple Sunday Dress sewing pattern!

SewSensible Simple Sunday Dress
Ok, I am loving this dress! So sweet and so simple to sew! This is another tester photo that I received the other day and hadn't posted it yet! Thanks so much, Hays!! You are a blessing and your precious model is adorable!

And here is another awesome Mommy creation from one of the Mom's who attended the AllBrands sewing class I taught this past weekend! How cute!! Also, don't worry, this little princess is fascinated with bandaids on her chin. Her Mom told me there is no boo boo underneath it. I can relate with that. Bandaids are like gold in our home!! Kids are so cute! Anyway, great job, C, on the outfit!! Isn't it so much fun to sew for our loved ones!!?!

And then I received the sweetest email and I wanted to share it with you (I got permission from the writer :) This Mommy had purchased some of my patterns not too long ago and this particular email was about the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and she is a true beginner!! Here is what she said, "Thank you so much for such a wonderful pattern! I am SOOOO the beginner sewer, and it turned out wonderful. I made it after the kids(4 of them) went to bed last night. It didn't take very long at all, including figuring out how to thread the machine! I was SOOO proud of myself. My 5 yr old wore it to school today,over a long sleeve T-shirt and jeans,w/ big smiles. I'm looking forward to making the pants after they go to bed tonight!! I too love to have my girls match, but many of the cute clothes are just way out of budget when you have to buy so many. I am also looking forward to the tween pattern I bought too. My newly 7 yr. old is hard to buy for. Most clothes her size are not necessarily appropriate for a 7 yr. old. So I'm looking forward to filling her wardrobe w/ cute girly outfits. Thank you again, and have a great day! :-) V

Thanks so much, V, for this email!! You are the reason SewSensible is such a blessing to me. It is hearing and seeing Mommies and GrandMommies having fun and sewing for their children and loving it!! Thanks again!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AllBrands sewing class, New Sewing Pattern available!

getting ready to get in the car and go to AllBrands sewing class! Fun Fun!!
Look how awesome! This is a true beginner sewer and look how great she is doing!

Some of the awesome attendees showing off their works of art!! Awesome!

A finished outfit from one of the Moms of the sewing class!

Look how cute this little girl is!! And the outfit is just perfect! This is a photo from one of the awesome Mommies that came to the sewing class at AllBrands this past weekend. This Mom used SewSensible's FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern and Amy Butler fabric which AllBrands now carries!! They also carry some others from fabric designers I love! The class was so much fun. I will definitely schedule another one and I believe it will be the Simple Sunday Dress? If you are interested in this as a two pattern collection, email me and let me know and AllBrands has this as a collection as well. I have not added that collection on my site yet.

And here is another cutie wearing her Mom's awesome creation using the Simple Sunday Dress! This is actually from one of my testers. Thanks, S!!

Thanks so much for sending these pictures to me!! Love them!! And the Simple Sunday Dress is now availabe on my site and coming soon to AllBrands and You Can Make This!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Sewing Pattern now available!

Boutique Sewing Pattern

!!!!! NOW AVAILABLE !!!!!

The download has been tested by Nanette and it worked great for her! Thanks, Nanette! If for any reason you experience problems with the download do not hesitate to email me and I will send you your pattern via email right away. Also, if you have questions while sewing I am available for you! I believe you will enjoy making this dress! (Soon to be at YouCanMakeThis and

And speaking of Nanette..... Nanoo Children's Designs has a new pattern release: Riley Top & Pants! You can find out more on her blog here. Oh, does her little cover girl look familiar? :) That's my littlest daughter, Grace! They grow so fast!

And the sewing class at AllBrands today was so much fun! We were full and the room was busy! I will post some pictures hopefully tomorrow! I hope to do it again!

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern and New Sewing Pattern!

Look how cute this FAITH Double Layer Dress Top is!! The background black and white tiles make this dress POP with color! I love it!! Here is what this awesome Mommy said, "Hi Aimee! Just wanted to share a few "preliminary" photos with you of my completed Faith top! I just started working on it this afternoon and had it all completed by tonight....WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE instant gratification:) Anyway, thank you again for this amazing pattern. I am HOOKED for sure! I'm planning to make coordinating ruffle pants out of the green dot fabric, and then I will take photos of EJ wearing her new set so you can see it being worn! Have a great night! C"

Thanks so much, C, for the awesome pictures and the kind words!! The ruffle pants are going to look amazing with this top! Great job!!

A first for me! Ok, I have a first today. I am teaching a sewing class at AllBrands this morning from 10a-1p. We will be making the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms. I am so excited to get this opportunity and so thankful that my wonderful husband will watch the children so I can do this! I hope to have some pictures to post if the ladies allow me to take some!! Also, the Simple Sunday Dress is available on my website. I am not shouting this out yet because I am waiting on my friend to sample buy it to make sure I added everything correctly for the instant download from my site. You may want to wait until Sunday to purchase. I will not get to double check this until after the sewing class so if any of you purchase it today and for some odd reason you cannot download it then I will send it to you when I get home via email. Also, it will be available at You Can Make This possibly by the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Pattern!

Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Pattern

Here are some more tester photos of the Simple Sunday Dress! Look how cute these precious models are and the dresses are great!! Thanks again testers!! All of you did an awesome job!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Sewing Pattern!

Oh, now this is exciting..... getting back tester photos of their creation!! Here is a tester photo of the Simple Sunday Dress I just received. Look how sweet she looks in this dress! Many thanks, Glenda!!

I also received this cute cute awesome Mommy creation using the Scoop Neck Dress Top sewing pattern. Here is what this Mommy said, "Hi Aimee! We adopted our daughter from China and I found some Michael Miller fabric with an Asian theme and made your scoop neck top for her..... looked so adorable with leggings and I received lots and lots of comments on it when she wore it to preschool today. You can tell by the photo that she loves it too! We love your designs - keep them coming! Blessings"

I just can't help looking at that picture and thinking of Hope!! That is what adoption is..... giving hope and a future to a child who once had none!! Awesome dress and beautiful little girl! Thanks so much for sending me this picture!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Twirl SKORT Skirt sewing pattern, and Scoop Neck Dress Top sewing pattern, Simple Sunday Dress coming in February!

Simple Sunday Dress
coming in February!
I am in need of a tester for size 6 months to 9 months. If you are interested in testing the Simple Sunday Dress for this size, please email me at

SewSensible's Twirl SKORT Skirt sewing pattern! How cute is this awesome Mommy creation!! The two girls are just beautiful and look so sweet. I love the Twirl SKORT!

And this is another awesome Mommy creation using SewSensible Scoop Neck Dress Top sewing pattern! Sweet sweet!

Many thanks to both Mommies for sending me these pictures!! I also received the nicest email just now and I wanted to share it with you. "I am horrible at making clothes I have tried almost evey pattern out there. I saw your sight and decided to give your patterns a try .. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I made an outfit I could not belive it . I bought the size 7 to 16 top and bottom set you have .. It was so simple to understand ..Thank you so much for coming up with easy patterns ... Again Thank you so much .. Your Customer Forever, M"

Ok, was that not the nicest email!! I know it blessed me so much. Thank you so much, M, for sharing those kind words with me.

Awesome Creations!!

Easy to Sew Children Boutique Sewing Patterns

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