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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Sewing Pattern: Happy Girl!

Happy Girl

I am diligently working to get this pattern released before the end of February! Thanks to all the feedback from the wonderful testers and all my testing I did the dress has changed a little bit from the original 1920's low waist inspiration (and believe me you will love the changes from the original!) It fits better and the sewing is much easier! So what has changed? I got rid of the waist band. I redesigned the bodice top. I added an option gathered panel at the bottom or the pleated panel option and I added side ties which really gives it the sweetest look when on! I finished the directions just now, printed them out and will proof read them tonight. I still need to get the pattern pages on paper and put into pdf. When is the last day of February? It is Sunday!!!!! Reality is: this pattern will not be available until Wednesday of next week only because I give the pattern pages to my husband to make into pdf!

The picture above is one of the cover dresses. I still need to add the fabric covered buttons on the scallop accent and hem the bottom. There will also be an option to have an above the knee length and a below the knee length. Wouldn't this make a cute Easter Dress!!? I just might make the two cover dresses two of my daughters Easter Dresses! We will see!

As always, all of my patterns are designed with the beginner in mind and this one is no different! I have made it very simple to sew and still give it that sweet boutique look! The downloadable version will be available this week and the physical version will be several more months but it will have the cutest bonus pattern to go along with the physical!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Working on New Sewing Patterns!

Yesterday was just a beautiful Louisiana day and today looks to be promising as well! The children were able to play outside pretty much all day while my wonderful hubby continued working on some cabinets that will go in our side room. It will be used for the kiddos computer space along with my fabric and pattern supply storage. I picked the colors yesterday and the first layer was applied. Today it will hopefully get a little sanding and then the second layer.

Above is another variation of Mod Girl sewing pattern. This is the dress top version. There will also be a dress version. I have to say I tested this pattern ALL DAY yesterday! I am not kidding. I was busy running from window to door checking on the children then back to sewing machine all day. I just cannot get the neckline the way I was hoping so I made this variation and I love it. It is a simple yet sweet modern look! Oh, and super easy to sew!

I will be focusing on the three new patterns this week. Hopefully getting
Happy Girl out by the end of February.

Today I am home from church due to my precious 3 year old's nasty cold; however, our church has online service which I am surely going to watch since our pastor is talking about Total Trust In a Total God! Sounds like something I surely need to keep reminding myself. If any of you are sewing or have a sick little one this morning and cannot make church then go here for live online service.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy girl, Frilly Frock girl and Mod girl sewing patterns

Sewing Patterns in progress..... Happy girl will be available this month, Frilly Frock girl will be available in March, and Mod girl will be available in April (possibly March). I guess you see the theme for 2010!! This is not the covers, just an introduction of the pattern :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meet Frilly Frock girl Sewing Pattern!!

Remember Grace's birthday dress from last year? I made this and wanted to make a pattern but never got around to it BUT I finally got around to it!!!!!

Meet Frilly Frock girl! She is going to be so sweet and frilly!! This will be a dress top or a dress option. I will let you know more details at a later date.

I am still waiting for Happy Girl tester feedback and comments. I have decided to add an optional gathered dress panel instead of just letting it be a pleated dress panel. I am also working on another pattern that I believe you will love as much as I do! I hope to have a sample to show you next week!

So do you like what you see below? I am thrilled with it! There is a cute pocket with ruffle trim on center of bodice. There is a band with a double ruffle where you can stop here for a dress top or add a third layer for a longer style dress! so excited!! I hope to have this as a download in March and as a physical several months later.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

Ok!! So do you want this fabric too!! My word! So cute!! Of course those little girls would look cute in anything! This awesome Mommy creation was made using FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and some Michael Miller fabric and here is what she said, "We are going on vacation next month and one of the things we are going to do is go to the San Diego Zoo. So, I had to make my girls matching zoo themed tops with the Faith pattern. This is the first time I have used this pattern and it is awesome. So easy to sew and my girls loved them so much they wanted to wear them today. Which was fine, until my little one spilled chocolate milk on hers. If I have enough fabric left over I am going to make some boutique bottoms." J

J, just beautiful!! I also want to say that J was inspired to make these from seeing other people's awesome creations on this site! So may this in return inspire others!! If you are a beginner and looking for a great outfit to begin your sewing experience the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top is that simple paired with SewSensible Boutique Bottoms. If you would prefer a physical pattern rather than a downloadable one then please browse the different fabric/quilt shops on the right side bar. Also, many of these shops sell fabric as well! Coming in a new post soon is a fabric shop that sent me the cutest outfit made with the Reversible Pleated Dress Top! Can't wait to share that with you!!

If you are a fabric/quilt shop and sell SewSensible Boutique Patterns and are not on this list, please let me know and I will add you. Or if you are a quilt/fabric shop and would like to carry SewSensible Boutique Patterns, please contact one of the distributors at the right side bar for wholesale information. If you are a distributor and would like to carry SewSensible Boutique Sewing Patterns, please contact me for more information. All of SewSensible Boutique Patterns are designed with the beginner in mind!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

OOAK FAITH Double Layer Dress Top outfit!

Here is the sweetest OOAK outfit using the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top!! This is by Rae Danae Custom Boutique on ebay. It is part of the Spring Designer Challenge and just so cute!! This is a fun 3 piece outfit! Go check it out if you have time or bid on it for your sweet loved one!! Looks awesome, Tori!

Also, I have someone that contacted me that would like to pay for someone to sew her daughter a custom outfit I believe using the Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms. If any is interested please email me and I will give you her contact info! Hope all of you are having a spectacularly blessed Valentine!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Sewing Pattern Happy Girl!

Meet Happy Girl! In another post I'll have to tell you how this name came about. This post gives you more of an idea of what the new sewing pattern will look like! This is not the cover. This is actually a test of the changed pattern pieces and of course I used my good fabric when I told the testers not to on their testing :) Thank God it fit! I have not hemmed the bottom yet and I added "faux" which sounds better than "fake" buttons. They are actually drawn in :) This dress was originally inspired by the 1920's drop waist dress but when I tested it the dress made my daughters shape look so funny. As one tester said and she was so right, "it looks mermaidy". So I came back and raised the waist a little higher and changed the front and back top band. The bottom panel of the dress is pleated with a subtle femininity of side ties. It also has a pretty scallop and ric rac accent on the front of the dress. It is hard to see the details from this picture.

Anyway, it is at the testers right now and I believe I can have this one ready in the next 12 days! Again, all of my patterns are designed with the beginner in mind!

Wouldn't this make the sweetest Easter dress with a matching Boutique Easter Basket!! ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Applique Apron Skirt Sewing Pattern, Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern, Twirl SKORT Sewing Pattern!

"Your patterns are SO easy!" T

I received the sweetest twitter comment yesterday from Tara and as a result of that she sent me a picture of her beautiful daughter wearing her Boutique Bottoms! Thanks, Tara, for the sweet words and the wonderful picture!! With her permission I am including her blog post titled Sewing Time! Check it out if you have time!

Here is another awesome Mommy creation using Applique Apron Skirt! How cute!! Looks awesome, C! Here is what she said, "Hi Again, Aimee! I haven't been in touch since I sent you the photos of the first apron skirt I made from your pattern (the little Russian nesting dolls), and I wanted to share my latest creation! I hope you like it! " C

I am going through old emails and ran across this one! Did I post it already? I couldn't remember so I am posting it now! This awesome Mommy creation was made with the Twirl SKORT sewing pattern! I still just love this pattern!! Thanks, J, and sorry it took so long to post! K is always cute cute!! Here is what this Mommy said, "She said, "YOU MADE THAT?!!! I thought for sure you bought it at a high end boutique." She asked me about it a couple more times, amazed I had made it. J"

NEW SEWING PATTERN UPDATE: The new pattern is coming along. After the first round of tests I needed to change a few things. The testers will be receiving the revisions tonight and I believe this pattern will be available for download by the end of next week or the beginning of the following week! The physical version of this pattern will not be available for several more months which will also have a BONUS pattern!!

The Boutique Bottoms above and the Twirl SKORT are not only a downloadable pattern but also a physical one! If you are interested in purchasing the physical version, please see the Boutique Shops on right side bar that carry the physical version of SewSensible Boutique Sewing Patterns! Or is you are a wholesale shop and would like to carry SewSensible patterns, please contact one of the distributors on the right side bar! Thanks so much for visiting my sewing blog!

If you want to show off your awesome Mom, GrandMom, or Aunt SewSensible creation, please do not hesitate to send it to me! I always am blessed by what you make and others are inspired!!

Oh, and it snowed in South Louisiana today..... twice!! Crazy!

In Christ, Aimee'

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Sewing Pattern not quite here!

I am getting great feedback from the testers for the new sewing pattern! I am just writing a quick post to update you. I am in the process of redrawing a few parts of the dress. There were two areas that bothered me and the testers made note of it too: 1. there was a slight "buncy-ness" under the arm and the dress was too long. This design was originally a drop waist dress but I will tell you that a drop waist that is too low looks so funny on my daughters!! I changed that to the waist and need to go up a little more. I think I figured out the "bunchy-ness" under the arm. The testers are great and will receive the revisions by Friday of this week. I hope to have this dress available in the next two weeks as a download and this one will be a physical hopefully by April with some cute BONUS patterns!

Awesome Creations!!

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