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Friday, February 29, 2008

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top and Ruffled Jeans Sewing Patterns!

Here is another look at the upcoming FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern. I tried a smaller top band and I just rather the look of a 2" top band rather than a 1" top band, so I am going to stick with my original design! I have also decide to add "how to" add ruffles to your jeans. The Ruffled Jeans will be an addition to FAITH. I will also offer a TWO Pattern Collection of FAITH and the Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns and another TWO Pattern Collection of FAITH and the Twirl SKORT sewing patterns.

I can just see this as a Disney trip outfit for the girls!!

Twirl SKORT Twirl Skirt!

Here is just an adorable Custom Creation I received through the night or is it the adorable "model"! Too too cute! It makes me want to make some more Twirl SKORTS for my girls!! If any of you want to show off your Custom Creation, please don't hesitate to email it to me at !! Thank you, J, for sending this picture to me. As I have said before, they really bless me!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Sewing Pattern Coming Soon!

Here is another sneak peak at my next dress top sewing pattern that will be coming soon: the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top. I have started working on the step by step instructions and have decided to start naming my patterns. The next three dresses will be Faith, Hope, and Love. I will be designing FAITH to go up to size 10. I have gotten several emails asking for bigger sizes. The reason I only have size 6m - 6 years is because that is the size of my younger children and it is so easy to call them to me to measure. My plan was to make bigger sizes as my children grew but your request has prompted me to begin now.

I have not written the description yet for FAITH but I will say it is an easy dress pattern that will be great for a sewing beginner! I hope to have everything finished in two weeks!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Karen Capri Set and My New Sewing Pattern!

Well, goal accomplished today!! I was able take pictures of Grace in Nanoo's new sewing pattern outfit, the Karen Capri and Halter Top Set! So cute an on Etsy! Grace and Rose really enjoy the "picture" attention from Mommy. And I really enjoy the blessing of getting to take my daughters pictures! Be sure to visit Nanoo and see all of her sewing patterns that are available. She also has custom dresses and outfits in her Etsy shop.

I was also able to start my next sewing pattern!! Here is a sneak peak below!! I have several ideas about some dresses and this was the one I chose to do first. I hope to have it ready in the next month. And it is also designed so that the sewing beginner can use it!

Tutu's and Ties!

Tutu's and Ties!! That is the theme of Grace's 3rd Birthday Party that will be in two weeks!! The ties because my sons will not be wearing the tutu! It will be a pink, Princess, Tutu and Tie Party! Girly, girly!

Last night I went to Nanoo's house for our monthly sewing night. I made this tutu which still needs elastic in the waistband, Nanoo finished her Messenger bag purse, and Dina completed her son's fleece blanket! I would have to say that through all the chit chat we actually got some sewing projects accomplished!! The menu was fried fish poboys, sour cream and onion chips, lots of fruit, and Boston Cream cupcakes. Yum!! Today I am working on my next sewing pattern dress and will be taking pictures of my girls in Nanoo's latest outfit, the Karen Capri and Halter Top, which will be available soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns!

Here are a few pictures of more Awesome Custom Creations! This awesome Mommy used the Dress Top with Ruffle sewing pattern and the Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern. Here is what she said,

"Hey Aimee, I just wanted to send you the first pics I
have of the outfits I made using your patterns! I LOVE THEM, they are soooo easy to use, and the results are wonderful! I can't wait for your new ones to come out!!! Thanks a bunch for making my sewing skills look SOOO GOOD!"

Thanks, T, for sending in the pictures!! They look awesome!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Sewing Pattern Website and New Blog Look!

Just want to let you know, SewSensible website is ready! Paypal is the payment method which is safe and secure. The best feature is you will receive instant download once payment through paypal is made. I never see any of your payment information. You will be directed to Paypal's site and then back to SewSensible once payment is made. Also, if you have any questions about my patterns, I have created a Questions link in the sidebar of the website. Happy Sewing!!

Want to help me promote SewSensible Website? Feel free to grab the html code from the side bar and put it on your blog or website and, as a thank you, I'll send you my Custom Boutique Easter Basket sewing pattern! Either leave your email as a comment to this post or email me at and let me know you linked me up!! Thanks SEW much!
Link me up and I will send you my Custom Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern!!

See details above

Also, I have a new blog look to match my website!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern

How cute! This is a custom creation that someone sent in to the I Made This! section of YCMT! They used the Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern. Just adorable!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Walt Disney Twirl SKORT skirt

Here is a Twirl SKORT I made for a friend of ours. It would be great paired with a white t-shirt and cute sandals or black boots! I used this same fabric to make my daughters a Dress Top for our trip to Disney World. I also appliqued a Mickey silouette.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tana Tutu Dress Sewing Pattern

My friend, Nanette, from Nanoo Designs has her new dress sewing pattern available on YouCanMakeThis! and Etsy! I love this dress! It makes such an adorable dress. My girls have one and they love it especially the tutu at the bottom!! Plus it comes with a bonus Headband! Go check it out!

Monday, February 11, 2008

SewSensible Website!

Well, my website is up and running!! How exciting! Please go by and take a look!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Twirl SKORT Twirl Skirt Sewing Pattern

Here is another awesome customer creation!! What an awesome "Mommy" creation and an adorable model!! This Mommy used the Twirl SKORT Sewing Pattern.

Valentine's Basket!
My sister-in-law did it again!! Jenny used the Easter Basket sewing pattern to make precious Emma a Valentine's Day Basket!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back from Vacation and Awesome Customer Creation!

Well, we made it back from Walt Disney World yesterday! I did not post anything about the trip because we wanted the trip to be a surprise for our children.....and it was!! I made the girls a Mickey outfit using the Dress Top sewing pattern. I already had them a pair of pants using the Boutique Bottoms. As soon as I download the pictures, I will post some of them! Last Wednesday, my husband and I picked up the older children at school. When we came home he sat all the children on the couch. He had a video recorder in his hand. They were so confused at why they were picked up from school early and why was their "PaPa" recording their every move right now!! He told them the vacation surprise and they.................... said nothing!!!!! They all had a blank look of confusion on their faces!!!!! You have to understand that five of them are 6 and under and our sweet 6 year old is special needs and the youngest is 1 year old. Our two older children, evidently, could not believe we were telling the truth!! We looked at them again and explained with lots of excitement that we were going to see Mickey and all his friends!!!!!!! Then the laughter and jumping came forth!!!!!!!!!! They got up from the couch and jumped and screamed and laughed!!!!! It was a great moment!

Disney was great!! Alot of work with seven children but my Mom came along and my husband had each day planned out minute by minute!! We even stayed the Magic hours in Magic Kingdom on the third day until 1am!! We are slowly getting back into our routine. I have relisted my sewing patterns on ebay and will try to educate myself on building my SewSensible website!

And in the meantime, I came home to see this beautiful custom outfit made by an awesome customer in my email inbox!! And what a beautiful model!!!

(Dress Top Sewing pattern and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern)

Awesome Creations!!

Easy to Sew Children Boutique Sewing Patterns

Hello! Welcome to my sewing blog!!

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