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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

Here is an awesome Mommy creation using SewSensible's New Sewing Pattern: Scoop Neck Dress Top and SewSensible's Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern! What is really awesome about this is that this Mommy learned to sew last week!! Great Great job, L!! Thanks for blessing me with this picture!!

Remember, if you want your dress top longer you can always add to the length of the dress panel. I actually changed the dimensions slightly so it would not be so long so if you are making one and it did not come out as long as you wanted then this is the reason so just simply add a couple inches to the lenght which is always the first number in the measurement/dimensions!

1 comment:

Jennifer Paganelli said...

such nifty and cute things as usual..Jennifer

Awesome Creations!!

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