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Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain or Obama?

You know I just can't stand back and not post about this election. It is all over the place and there is just no getting around it. However, the great blessing in America is that we can vote and we do have that right in this country. Of course everybody reading this has an opinion and I am no different. Over and over again I hear people say that voting based on pro life or pro choice is not how to vote. Well, that is exactly how I vote. It matters to me. My husband and I have 8 children by adoption and birth. The courageous woman who birthed our first son had several abortions before him but chose to follow through with his birth and choose adoption which I am extremely blessed for her doing that. When I hear someone on tv say don't vote based on pro life or pro choice it makes me want to cringe. These women need our support, they need to know that life begins at conception, they need to know the beauty of adoption, or they may need love and support to hear that as tough as it will be to raise a child as a single parent that it still will be less painful as choosing abortion and the years of agonizing pain of that decision. And I know it is a controversial subject and my views are not shared by all but we as Americans have that right. I know the economy is bad and that President Bush is not the most loved person right now but you know that will not even persuade me to vote the other way. I plan to vote the bible and I plan to vote prolife because it matters to me whether or not a tv personality thinks it shouldn't matter. And about the economy, God is my source.

And I really can't understand why I am hearing so many women don't like Sarah Palin?? Everybody I talk to loves her. I am excited to see her as John McCain's running mate! And about Joe the Plumber. My cousin wrote a post about this scenario that I found so interesting. You can read it here. And then there is VoteSmart website where you can get the facts on all candidates.

Again, I know this is controversial and I know some of you get online and read craft blogs to get away from the stress the world has but I just cannot stand back and not say anything. I am very passionate about being prolife.


CalicoDaisy said...

You go girl! I've been afraid to blog about it, but I really wanted to make a button that said, "READ MY LIPSTICK!" I've been glued to FOX News, the only real news, since she was announced. I know our senator here in SC, and he said Sarah is like a breath of fresh air. I said McCain looks tired but she makes him all worth it! And why won't Mr. Barak Obama reveal his personal records? He won't release his birth certificate, his Harvard grades or thesis (because it is common knowledge of his socialist and possibly other-than-normal pro-American views). I mean, they garbage dumped that poor guy from Ohio who just asked a question, and OBAMA WON'T REVEAL HIS PERSONAL RECORDS??? Why would ANYONE want a president who isn't transparent. Why does anyone want to vote for an organization who will tax us more? We need rich people and corporations to provide jobs and provide reasonably-priced goods. What is wrong with people? Why do you want to work and be taxed more?? You have to earn what is yours and keep it and then choose to help others. Not be forced to.

However, it is in God We Trust, and we have to rest there, right? Should Obama become president, those of us with differing opinions are going to have to get back to business and get things back to American values again. I bet there will be 20 men and women - probably even Sarah - who will be ready to run in 2012. There is always George III (Jeb Bush's son)!

Paige said...

AMEN! I vote based on the same decision.

Robin said...

HOORAY!! I have always, and I will always vote Pro Life. I can't vote any other way. My heart just won't allow it!! I, too, don't understand why women don't like Sarah Palin. She gives all of us working outside of the home a good name! I am proud of her and proud to vote for her.

By the way, I am a lurker who was moved to comment after reading this post! Thank you again!

CaraBeth Creations said...


Stacy Gibbs said...

I love your blog and this post! I think it is great that you blogged on this! I am McCain/Palin all the way and I know that they are the leaders that this country needs right now! And I completely agree! I vote Pro-life...if they can say on a live debate that they outrightly support abortion...They have lost in my book! Well keep blogging girl I love it and I love all your patterns! I'm hoping one day to snag one and make some for my little girl when she is a little older! Well have a great night! :)

Trina said...

Thank you for posting this. I feel the same way. After reading about the process and seeing pictures of partial birth abortion, how can ANYONE vote for someone that supports it?

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