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Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Sewing Patterns!

What's going on in my mind right now? Good question!! :) Grace and Rose, seen above, each wore an applique' apron skirt this morning to church while Zoƫ (who's attitude was less than compliant with pictures just now) wore an applique' pantaloon. Our church family loved their outfits and what a blessing I received by every comment and smile made.

Of course one pattern can lead to more ideas. Last night I drew out some of those ideas. I do love the skirts but love the idea of having shorts underneath more so three of my designs I drew were different versions of skorts. I am excited about them and that will be my focus for the next month. So get ready to see more skort patterns and their pictures on this blog in the coming month!! Now I get the fun of surfing the internet for some fabric collections!

And if you think Embroidery Applique' is something you will not be able to do then think again! You don't have to have an Embroidery Machine to do this. You Can Make This has a Sewing Machine Applique' section with some Easy Applique' ebooks to get you started! 2009 is looking like a pretty busy year for sewing some custom outfits!! I can't wait!!

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Jennifer said...

Aimee, they are really cute. I'm curious whose fabric you used for the Owl and Monkey? I really like the owl fabric. I still have a couple months, but I need to make Kaitlyn's birthday outfit and have to find some fun fabric.

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