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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Sewing Pattern!

Ok, here is the "twist" I was talking about in my previous post..... Applique' Apron Pantaloons! My next sewing pattern will be two in one: Applique' Apron Skirt and Applique' Apron Pantaloons! The ebook will include the choice of both. However, I will be changing the Apron shape of the pantaloon to a half oval shape. I believe I would rather see that shape on the shorts instead of the square shape. So in the next ebook, you will get to choose to make an applique apron skirt or an applique apron pantaloon with two different shape aprons! Of course, if you prefer not to have an applique' apron then you could just use a coordinating fabric for the apron.

Below I took a quick video to show how the Applique' Apron Pantaloon will look while walking. Of course, Elijah wants my attention so you will hear our conversation with it! :)

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