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Friday, October 10, 2008

New Sewing Patterns!

Grace modeling an Applique' Apron Skirt with
SewSensible's Grace Doll Embroider Applique' Design
Here are two Applique' Apron Skirts and an Applique' Apron Pantaloon. I will be trying a different dimension with the pantaloon apron.
Applique' Apron Skirt with Grace Doll Embroidery Applique'
Rose modeling the Applique' Apron Skirt.

The back of the Applique' Apron Skirt

another Applique' Apron Pantaloon. I changed the dimensions of the apron from the one above. The Embroidery Design is SewSensible's Applique' Monkey that will be available soon.

And here is what I have been doing this week: Applique' Apron Skirts and Applique' Apron Pantaloons!! They really are just so cute!! I know winter is around the corner but the trend this winter is leggings. I can already picture some cute pink, white, or red leggings with some super cute boots with these skirts and pantaloons!!


Tiff said...

Those are so cute!!! I love the monkey one! So adorable!

SewSensible said...

Thanks, Tiff! They are so fast to make and it definitely makes a one of a kind!!

Awesome Creations!!

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