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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tween Teen Sewing Patterns!

While I am watching my newest design, Applique' Monkey, being tested, I am also working on my new pattern cover look. The Young Girls sewing patterns will have a pink background and the Tween Teen sewing patterns will have a blue background. I am trying to simplify the SewSensible look!

Please don't forget how much I am blessed by your pictures of your Mommy and GrandMommy custom creations! Feel free to send me pictures so that I can showcase them on my sewing blog! It is always SEW much fun to see what you are making! Also, for any of you that have purchased my Embroidery Designs and have made something with it, please send me pictures of that too! I would love to see them as well!

Today, I also tested one of my upcoming patterns. Many thanks to my awesome husband who kept busy with the children today! I will be focusing on making some minor changes this week. It came out too long so I need to shorten it but it looked so cute! Can't wait to show you!

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