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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav!

Patio furniture turned upside down.

Tommy turned over the trampoline and placed boards on it.

All other toys are being stored in the shed.

My sweet husband!! Gustav will hit in less than 24 hours and he has no worry! One of his main scriptures in the bible is Mat 6:25. I could learn something from him :)

Well, at this point they really don't know where Gustav will hit land but New Orleans seems to be the spot. We live 60 miles from New Orleans and I have to say I am not liking what I see but I know that our family is protected by Him! We stand in faith and know that we are ok today and tomorrow! They are predicting it to be a little worse than Katrina. We made it through Katrina just fine. I was in awe watching the winds of Katrina. I expect the same from Gustav. My husband is outside right now getting all the toys out of the back yard and turned over the trampoline and put big boards on top of that. All the walmarts are closed and the gas lines are long! If you want to stay up to date on what is going on over here in Louisiana, you can click here. This is our home church. Healing Place Church has become a big serving center during emergencies of Louisiana. Operation Blessing is ready. Our church and our other campus' have turned into shelters and rest areas for people evacuating from New Orleans.

I was with Nanette, from Nanoo Children's Designs, this morning at one of our church campus'. Tommy and I lead "His Heart for Orphans" Adoption Ministry Lifegroup at HPC and Nanette is part of our team. Recently we had our very first Heart Gallery! This is where we try to help the foster children of our community find forever families! You can click here to see how that was! Anyway, yesterday we had our quarterly Adoption Workshop and kept the Heart Gallery up for one of our church campus' today! Nanette and I were part of the help today. We both left right after noon today. She will go home and wait for her Mom to come to her home for the hurricane. She will also be talking and planning where her three older children will be during this storm. Please keep us in your prayers.

Right now the outside is actually a nice hot day. We are not seeing anything from Gustav yet.

Oh, and here is something so humbling!! Our family was on the front page of the Saturday paper's People and Faith section! It came about because my Mom was talking to another Grandmother in a pharmacy line about their grandchildren. Mom cannot mention her grandchildren without telling of our family adoption birth story. (Actually neither of our Moms can not NOT mention our family story when talking about their grandchildren!) Anyway, when Mom finished this lady said that was a good story. Mom said with her sweet voice, "Yes, it is God's story." Then the lady said, "No, I mean this is a good story. I write for the newspaper." And that is how it got to be!! And then we thought it would be a small story but God had other plans. We always hope that God is given all the Glory for whatever attention we may get because it is ONLY because of Him that we have the family we have!!


CalicoDaisy said...

Aimee: I'll be thinking about you and praying for you. My parents live in Palacios, Texas, on the bay, and they are on alert, too. My brother and his wife happen to be visiting with their babies, so I hope all will make a hurricane run north until it's over. I'd love to read that article to know more about your family. -- Michele

Mom2fur said...

It must be fun to see yourselves in the paper! That's a cute picture.
Please stay safe. I hope you don't have to evacuate!

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