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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boutique Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

Here is a cute cute Mommy creation using SewSensible's Boutique Dress Top sewing pattern! What a doll for the model of this dress! Thanks so much, J, for letting me post this picture! Love it!

I also have my latest sewing patterns for Tweens and Teens. The Boutique Dress Top is one of them! They are both very simple to sew. It's SEW simple your tween/teen daughter or grand daughter can make her own! And both make for a great canvas for your embroidery/applique designs!


Mela said...

I just want to say very cute boutique items. I found your site when looking for a pillowcase pattern to make a pillowcase dress for my daughter.

peter said...

You do really beautiful patterns....I just want to thank you for giving my fabrics such great style, Jennifer

Awesome Creations!!

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