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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Sewing Pattern: Applique' Apron Skirt!


Well, I am almost ready to release this one! There is just something that draws me to these skirts! I think it is that they have such a one of a kind look! I have two testers that sent me their pictures and feedback, my third tester sold hers before she took pictures!! (I think that is so funny!!), and the fourth tester will do hers tomorrow. The results of the two I received were so cute! We ended up catching a 1/4" that I missed so I was able to correct that. See how valuable testers are!!

Do you have one of those beautiful crochet hats? I took some pictures of Rose in her flower hat and Applique' Apron Skirt. She looked so cute! Ok, I may be biased again! :) I put knit tights and a pair of black boots with a white turtleneck and I just loved the look!! Side note: I was so excited to try it on her that I did not iron the turtleneck. She was going to be the cover picture but I only saw that ol'wrinkle on the shirt! Instead my main picture is the skirts on the fence. I love that picture. Rose and Grace are underneath! The testers did their skirts with no applique' and just some coordinating fabric and it came out just as cute!


Jennifer said...

The hat matches really well. I love the boots! That is so Euro. Everyone here wears them. I should buy Kaitlyn some. I'm sure her feet will grow before we move to Guam so I won't have to worry about boots with summer weather.

Tiff said...

Oh i love the skirts!! And of course your daughter is beautiful in the outfit. Love the hat too. What a great combination!

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