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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Applique' Apron Skirt and New Jacket Sewing Pattern!

Hello! I hope you are liking my new SewSensible look! I am trying to change everything over and it is happening slowly but surely! It feels so fresh and fun to me! Here is what I am working on today: SewSensible's Applique' Apron Skirt! This is a fun skirt to make and fun to wear! I have added an optional tie on the side. The apron panel has coordinating fabrics along the sides. The bunny design is my SewSensible Bunny Embroidery Design but I am going to do one with machine applique' so that if you do not have an embroidery machine you will enjoy sewing this cute skirt as well! And of course you don't even have to have an applique'! You can just make an apron skirt without the applique and it will still be super cute!

I have paired this skirt with a new jacket/overcoat pattern I am working on. I will be making some adjustments to the sleeves. This is a cute cute addition for the winter months. It will have ruffles all the way around and on the sleeves and it ties in the front. I don't know if you can tell there is a tie since the fabric is the same as the ruffles. It is very simple to sew and it is reversible!! I am going to also try lining it with fleece and see how that comes out. The picture above does not show the ruffles because I stopped working on it because I did not like the way I drew out the sleeve/bodice pattern so I am going to redo it! Why do I use my good fabric for testing!! I'll learn one of these days!! LOL


Jennifer said...

"Why do I use my good fabric for testing!!" LOL... I've questioned that. When you made several of your last ebook I was mentally adding up the cost of the fabric. Hehehe... If I were you I would probably do the same thing. Knowing Kaitlyn is going to wear whatever I make I would want it to look good. =)

Donna W said...

Wow, I love the jacket and the new look of your website is fantastic, it's so funky and fresh. Can't wait for all these new patterns to be available, especially the jacket and the dress. Love them.

regards Donna W.

Paige said...

My first thought was that I "NEED" that jacket pattern. That is SO CUTE! Can't wait for it to come out. I will be making one.

One More Equals Four said...

Love the look of the website and that jacket is to die for! So cute!!! Again, you are so freakishly talented!

NaomiG said...

Love love love the new look... so pretty. And, the Jacket is ADORABLE! I always use my good fabric for testing stuff too... I wouldn't want to waste my hard work on cream muslin!!! :-)

Carol said...

I'm excited as always for the new patterns to be available. I love the jacket / apron skirt. Now, lol, i just have to wait patiently.

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