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Monday, November 24, 2008

New Sewing Pattern almost here!

Ok, I am LOVING this look! I can just picture these skirts at a craft show booth! Want to make a statement this year or try a booth for the first time? Make some Applique' Apron Skirts!! Your booth will surely be an eye catcher!! Need some Christmas clothes to sell? Make some Christmas themed Applique' Apron Skirts. Have a display of it paired with a white turtleneck and possibly put a cute child's purse hanging on the body form shoulder! And the best part is their fun and simple! Ok, I believe I am getting carried away. Maybe I need to look into a booth!! Just dreaming...... I don't have the time this year! Maybe next year though!


Paige said...

I sure could use this for their Thanksgiving skirts. This is so cute and I can't seem to find a skirt pattern that I want to use. So I will be making your pants instead I suppose. LOL!

muralimanohar said...

Those are really, really cute. Makes me WISH I had a holiday craft stall, just so I could sell out of them!! lol

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