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Friday, September 26, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

What is taking me so long??!!!!! Well, it's not because I have not been on top of this because I go to bed sewing and wake up thinking about this pattern. It has consumed me to the point of "it is time to get finished with it!" Here is the reason why so long: when I first made the original which is the picture above I thought: I don't think I want as many gathers. Then I had another thought: I believe the sleeve comes up too high under the arm. Then I decided that maybe I should make the bodice a tad bit longer. So that is really why this pattern is not released yet. And then on top of that, I altered my original pattern sheets!! So for the past week I have been getting it back to where I love the dress. Because, honestly, with all the changes, I just liked it and that bothered me. I wanted to love it again! :) And as you can see above, I have been sewing Scoop Neck Dress Tops in my sleep!! LOL But last night after viewing three that were altered I got out my original and now know that I will stick with the original: the original bodice length, the original gathered width, but I did change the space of the sleeve under the arm. So with that said, today I will redraw the pattern pieces back to original. Sew a few more to double check the look and hopefully have this ready real soon.

So let me tell you a little about this precious dress: I have designed it to be a little wide. I tried the skinnier version and it took away the fun look I wanted so I am putting the width back in. It is supposed to be a dress that can be worn to church and come home and be comfortable to play and have fun. Grace and Rose wore their originals (which is the orange/blue one above) to the park way back when I made it and as I sat back watching all of them play, I really loved seeing them in those dresses and the laughing and fun they had! So the Scoop Neck Dress Top will not be a snug dress. It is a loose fitting, fun and dainty design! I love it!

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Paige said...

I am so excited to try this one. I have made 4 faith dresses this weekend. I will take pictures at the shower tomorrow. Two of them are gifts for my sisters twin girls she is having. Fun, fun!

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