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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Dress Top Sewing Pattern!


Oh, I was so excited to get Rose to try on her dress this morning. And then Grace wanted to wear hers so I have been having fun looking at them all morning in their new dresses! Rose's was not gathered as much as Grace's for the dress panel and I believe I will gather it more. I rather the look of slightly more gathers than Rose's has. Other than that, I am very happy with the outcome of the pattern. Today I cut out a size 7/8 to make for Zoƫ. I am hoping to have this pattern for Tweens and Teens. We will have to see :)


Amy said...

Ya know, I happen to have two beautiful girls (5 and 2) that would be adorable models of your patterns too -- plus their mommy (aka me) sews AND is a photographer!!! If you ever want to swap (patterns for me sewing with them and then photographing my models for you to use for sales/commercial purposes) just drop me a line! Keep up the lovely work!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm torn... I thought I liked the extra gathers more, but the simple straight look on Rose looks great.

Nanette said...

Love it. Grace and Rose are such cute models.

CaraBeth Creations said...

Oh I am so ready for you to release this pattern.

angelahenrie said...

I like them both. How will we know when your new pattern comes out? I want one!

SewSensible said...

Hello, Angela! If you want to receive an email stating the next pattern is released then you may send me an email at stating you would like to receive an email from me. I will add you to my contact list.

SewSensible said...

Me too, Jennifer! I ended up meeting in the middle of the two and I believe you will like it!

Thanks, Nanette!

Paula, I am ready too!! LOL

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