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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Sewing Pattern Picture!

Ok, here is a picture of one of my pattern tester pictures of the Scoop Neck Dress Top. I changed the sleeves from the original making them a little bigger; however, I think I might have made them too big. I am going to think about it today and wait to see one more tester that is making the size 2,3 and then I will know what I will do. Maybe I can offer this sleeve and a more tapered sleeve in addition to??

Other than that, I just love this picture and many thanks to my pattern tester! I also forgot to tell you that this pattern has no buttons. I made it super easy for you! And if you wanted to add some elastic at the end of the sleeve you could. I did not give directions for it in the ebook but the sleeve has enough room for a little gather if that is the look you want.

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