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Friday, September 19, 2008

Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

Ok, after seeing the jean Boutique Bottoms versus the off white Boutique Bottoms, I will definitely use the off white bottoms paired up with this dress for the Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern cover! Grace did a great job too! She was whining right before taking the camera out and managed to get happy for these pictures! Thank you, My Love!! You look beautiful! These are not the final pictures. I was just seeing how the off white pants would look. We will be taking pictures this weekend.

I will also offer tthe above two patterns as a collection: Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern.

7:40 PM I am back at this post to put Rose's Scoop Neck Dress Top I just completed! I am going to start Zoë's next and hopefully put that picture tonight as well. This dress is size 5/6. Grace's above is size 3/4.

10:02 PM Here is Zoë's sweet little dress! Now they are ready for church this weekend! This is a size 7/8. This size will not be part of the new release but my plans are to offer tween sizes also. I can tell though from this dress it looks like it might be too big. Zoë is sleeping so I will not know until tomorrow.


Lisa said...

These are such cute dresses.

Found you through Sis Boom. Lots of great sewing here.

Have a great weekend.

Donna W said...

Hi Aimee, What is the name of the fabric you are using in this top. The green with pink flowers???
I really like it.

Donna W.

SewSensible said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Donna, that is Grand Revival Ava Rose Collection. You can find it on my side links :)

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