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Monday, January 28, 2008

My Sewing Pattern Website Coming Soon!

Hello! I am excited to say that I am venturing into my own website for SewSensible. This sewing blog began as a way to connect to other sewing Mommies and eventually worked itself into a small sewing pattern business! The website venture is exciting and at the same time a little stressful. Before becoming a Mommy, I had some good technology knowledge.....up to date and with the times!! WOW!! What happens to your brain cells when those sweet little kiddos enter your life!!!!! LOL I don't know if it is because we have eight of them or does this happen when you just have one or two!!

So during this move to a website, I can't say it has been super easy because it just has not been; however, I am getting some good help as I submit each "ticket" into my host site and Elaborique Studios, who designed my templates, is just the kindest person! I have really appreciated her kindness through this move! As of today, if you are interested in purchasing my sewing patterns do so at YouCanMakeThis! I have stopped my ebay listings until next week because I will be unavailable to send any patterns purchased from ebay or My Etsy until next week. With this new website, you will be able to purchase and get that instant download that is so appealing to purchasing digital items. I am looking forward to that feature!!

In the meantime, you can visit the new website but I warn is very much under construction!! Oh, and look forward to a new blog template to match my website!! To visit, click the banner above!


trishia said...

I just visited your new website- it is wonderful! LOVE the brown, pink, and green scheme... congrats. I have finally scheduled an entire morning to myself to go fabric shopping so that I can get started on my girls' boutique bottoms and dress tops, along with all my other sewing projects that are waiting for fabric! :) I will share photos as soon as I am done sewing.
Again, congrats and good luck with your expanded journey.

Patty said...

May you have great success! I have sewed several of your patterns and they are by far the best patterns I"ve ever used. You have a gift! I will email you some photos when I can.

Oh....and yes, mommy brain gets those of us who just have 2 little ones :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh How exciting.. I know I will be one of your guests often!! I am so happy that your sewing business has boomed. I for one know that you have blessed me, I am sure you will be blessing many other's. I will be praying that the stress is faded and that you get to enjoy each and every day that you log on.
Oh and the brain cell thing, You lose those the instant you have your first!! I am sure of it!!!
You have a blessed day Aimee...

Sincerly in God,

MorningSong said...

Looks great!!! Very professional! You are such a busy mommy and yes even with 2 kids your brain cells disappear! I've found they return some as the kids get older and do not demand as much. Still not flowing at 100% but I can tell some cells have returned! Haha!!

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