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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Ruffles!

Making ruffles!!
It can be a headache or a joy! I would rather it be a joy because once the frustration level sets in, making that outfit just became a chore!! There are several ways to make a ruffle. You can use your sewing machine or you can use a serger. I have both a sewing machine and a serger. Neither one is the most expensive. Actually, I work with the most basic straight stitch sewing machine that my Mom gave me when I got married 8 years ago. And my serger is really on the low end of sergers, but it does what I need it to do and I love it!! I am going to tell you some sewing tips in making ruffles:
1. Using you sewing machine, you will sew a straight line using the longest stitch from one end to the other end without backstitching in the beginning and the end. You will then pull one thread and gather your fabric to make a ruffle. Depending on how long your ruffle is going to be and the quality of your thread, you can pop your thread sometimes. In this case, I always recommend buying a good quality thread. Don't buy the cheapest.
2. Another way to gather your fabric is to zig zag over a piece of thread. Again, not backstitching in the beginning or end. Then pull the thread and gather to make a ruffle.
3. Buy a ruffle foot or gathering foot for your sewing machine. You Can Make This actually has a free Ruffler foot eBook that gives step by step on how to make that perfect ruffle!
And my friend, Kathy, found a great video on gathering. Click here to view it!

1. I make my ruffles with my serger. It is fast and easy as I am sure a ruffle foot would be for your sewing machine. Your serger should come with an optional gathering/ruffle foot. You can follow their directions on how to make a ruffle or you can do the following: (Now this is with my Brother Baby Lock 1034D) Set the #1 needle thread on loose tension #9. Leave the #2 thread tension set on #3. and the upperlooper and lowerlooper on tension #4. Put the Differential feed ratio adjustment lever on 2.0. Stitch length adjustment dial on 4. Stitch width lever in between 6 and 7. Now, for me, if I go too fast one of my needle threads always pops so go moderately fast. And I leave my knife on.

Below is a picture of my serger as seen on Amazon. I make no money from this post or the link to Amazon. This is just a sewing tip to help you have a very joyous sewing experience when making ruffles!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, question for you. Do you know how to sew a ruffle in a baby blanket? I've never made or sewn ruffles. I have a Baby Lock serger and the ruffle foot, but I'm not having any luck. Thanks!

Tara said...

Hi! I have that exact serger and I was searching for instructions on how to do this.

TY so much!


Amber said...

I have that exact serger too! Now, do you use the ruffle foot when you sew like this or just the regular foot? Thanks so much for this!!

sillyleann said...

How funny! I have this serger too. I love it so much. Thanks for these instructions. I am off to give it a try.

Penelope Anne said...

I have a brother serger and I cant wait to get off work so I can try this out! Thanks for taking the time to post it! Smooches!

it all adds up said...

I'm also wondering if you use the gathering foot or the regular foot with these settings? I've tried it using the settings the manual provides but I want it gathered more than that. Any idea what the ratio is using your settings?

thanks so much!

Mommy of TWO Precious Angels! said...

Hi! First of all, let me say that you are AWESOME for posting this! I have this exact serger and you have made my life MUCH easier :)

Question: How long do you cut your fabric when using the serger techinque? I took a scrap pc of fabric and did it exactly how you said, but after doing so, the fabric isn't long enough to go around the bottom of the shorts. I doubled the length of the leg of the shorts and it was way too small. Any tips? THANKS SO MUCH!


Dais said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm having a problem, though. My left needle thread keeps breaking! Any thoughts? Should I change the tension a bit? Thanks!


SewSensible said...

hmmm, I do not know Dais. First try rethreading from the beginning both needles and see if that helps. I hope that helps!!

Dais said...

Ok, I'll try that. Thanks! The first time a thread broke on the serger (before this project) I had to retread all four threads before it would serge again. Maybe I need to do that. Very happy with the results otherwise, though! =)

Ali Conn Payne said...

Wow! Thank you! I wish I had found this a few days ago when I nearly threw my serger out the window!!!! You ROCK!!!

Courtney said...

Oh my word... just found this... you are my hero! I have the 3034D and get so frustrated cause i can never get it to ruffle enough! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Hicklin said...

Amazing!! You just saved me $40 since I don't have to buy a gathering foot for my 1034D now!! Thanks!

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Sarah Proud said...

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