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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dress Top Sewing Pattern Correction and Pattern Layout!

If any of you purchased my Dress Top sewing pattern, please make the following correction to your eBook. When I calculated for the yardage needed, I forgot to add the bodice. For the size 5/6, you will need 41" instead of 1 yard. And this is if you are using all of the fabric. My advice, to be on the safe side, is to purchase 1 1/2 yards. You will have some left over but I would rather have some left over than be too short!! As I am sure you would too!

Also, I am including in this post a draft of how the pattern will be cut to utilize all of your fabric, economically speaking. When you purchase your fabric it is already folded in half. You will unfold and find the middle. Now take the top end and fold towards middle. Take the bottom end and fold toward the middle making two folds. Cut out your front and back. Next refold your fabric with one fold (as you bought it). Now cut your bodice liner on fold, and cut your strap strips and ruffle strips back to back. I will refine this drawing and make a revised Dress Top eBook. Until then I will add the correction to the eBook.

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