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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sewing Pattern Giveaway!

The following saying keeps coming in front of me: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”-Winston Churchhill

And since this is a sewing blog then I would like to give away another sewing pattern..... rather two sewing patterns! This giveaway will be my two newest patterns: the Twirl SKORT and the Boutique Easter Basket!! So, the first person who comments on this post will be blessed with these two sewing patterns! (Now in reference to the quote above: I am not trying to make a life out of the sewing pattern business but rather a life of blessing others! Just wanted to clarify that.)
Quite Beautiful! The Twirl SKORT: where being modest is Fun!

I have designed this SKORT so that our children can have fun playing while keeping our daughters “girly” and modest. The Twirl SKORT combines the popular twirl skirt with the pantaloon! That’s right: a twirl skirt with sewn in shorts! Now your little princess can keep her skirt on while she jumps, twirls, slides, flips, rides her bike, and does cartwheels!Great for the beginner to the advanced sewer! Easy to follow step-by-step instructions along with lots of pictures to guide you through each step! Not only is this a unique and cute skort, but very easy to sew! Dress it up with a peasant top and boots or go casual with some cute high tops and appliqué t-shirt! Whatever style you chose, your little one will surely turn heads! It is also simple enough to sew for a quick gift for your niece or granddaughter!
Pattern size 6 months – 6 years8 instructional pages44 pictures

How about a custom “Mommy’s Creation” Boutique Easter Basket! This is absolutely a fun and cute sewing project, one you will surely enjoy! Personalize your child’s Easter basket with an initial monogram or a bunny appliqué! Use a coordinating fabric to match their Easter Outfit! Looking for a great Easter gift idea? Customize an Easter Basket for your nieces, nephews, and grandchildren!! Fill it with their favorite toys and treats to make this one special Easter to remember!

29 pictures, 9 instructional pages, THREE basket sizes


Anonymous said...

Am I the first poster to comment???? Oh I hope so!!! I love these patterns but have not yet gotten to try any. I am sewing for my little one now. I am also an adoptive mommy to a precious little girl.

Your designs are wonderful!

In His Grace,
Sivje Parish

Anonymous said...

It is Sivje again. I just wanted to let you know that I posted the link to your website on the Bethany forums on a post about sewing. I hope that was ok. I wanted to direct some traffic to your site to hopefully encourage more sewing.

You are an encouragement to me.

In His Grace,

SewSensible said...

Congratulations from one Mom who has been blessed by adoption to another Mom who has been blessed by adoption!!

You forgot to give me your email address so that I can send you the patterns. You may contact me at

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Aimee! I am in the process of cutting the twirl skort out and hope to have it finished so my little one can wear it to church tomorrow. I will send you photos when I am done. Thanks again so much!!!


MorningSong said...

Congrats Sivje!! I know you will love the patterns!

Adrienne said...

Your patterns are really cute! We wish you much success! Grace is a teen who is beginning to create her own designs. You are an inspiration. God Bless you! - Adrienne & Grace

adriennesarmoire said...

I forgot to sign in properly - sorry. We thought you'd like to know we found you this morning by typing in SEWING BLOGS in the Google search engine. See you again! nice site; so festive! - Adrienne & Grace

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