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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Purse, Bible Cover, and Diaper Wipee Bag!

This is my latest sewing project: a purse, bible cover, and a diaper wipee bag! It was well time for all three! I used Amy Butler fabric. The diaper wipee was actually my original bible cover but I miscalculated so that's how it became Elijah's church diaper wipee bag. This was the first time I did this size and I added a zipper. There are a couple things I need to change. There is a pocket on the outside and three pockets on the inside. The bottom is wide enough for me to carry my bible and diaper wipee bag along with wallet and lipstick!


One More Equals Four said...

These are soooo cute! You are so talented! I am doing good just to sew and you just pop out new patterns as fast as I breathe! Someday, I am going to be like you! :)

Kim said...

I would love to see you do a pattern for these and more purses. Your items are always so cute!!


Foxy5 said...

Ok, now that is cool! I recently made 14 superhero capes for my sons 5th birthday party and that was pushing me to my limits of my sewing abilities! Oh how I would love to be able to sew like you!

~Valerie~ said...

what a cute idea! I would love to see those patterns as well!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

there you go again!!!Love the bag Aimee!

Sue said...

I really want this pattern! Can this be purchased?downloaded??

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