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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Easter Baskets!

Someone commented on my last post asking me if the baskets are that easy. The only way to answer that is to say that I design and create all of my sewing patterns with the beginner in mind. That's the great benefit of the eBook. There are so many pictures of almost every step and the instructions are very detailed. If you can sew a straight stitch then I believe you should be able to sew any of my patterns. I am also here to help any of you that have questions. Here is what someone said,

"I recently purchased your 3 patterns on ebay. I just wanted to tell you I have enjoyed them already. I have never sewed anything other than a pillow in High School 15 years age. Since I received the patterns I have sewed the dress top and bottoms for my little girl and also some pj bottoms for my son."

As a side note: I have added another size to the baskets so the pattern will have three sizes instead of two!

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