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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Twirl Skirt ??

No, it is not a Twirl skirt instead it is a Twirl SKORT!! My Twirl SKORT Sewing Pattern! I am very excited with this design because I have not seen another where the Twirl Skirt and pantaloon are combined.....BUT NOW THERE ARE!!!! I believe if you love the twirl skirt you will really love the Twirl SKORT! Why? Well, my girls love to play outside and they love their skirts and I like to keep them modest. So when we come home from church and they go outside and play, I don't have to let them change from their skirts to their shorts or pants in order that their un*dies will not show when they are flipping on the play yard! Now they can keep their skirt on!! Here is the description:

Quite Beautiful! The Twirl SKORT: where being modest is Fun!
I have designed this SKORT so that our children can have fun playing while keeping our daughters “girly” and modest. The Twirl SKORT combines the popular twirl skirt with the pantaloon! That’s right: a twirl skirt with sewn in shorts! Now your little princess can keep her skirt on while she jumps, twirls, slides, flips, rides her bike, and does cartwheels!

Great for the beginner to the advanced sewer! Easy to follow step-by-step instructions along with lots of pictures to guide you through each step! Not only is this a unique and cute skort, but very easy to sew! Dress it up with a peasant top and boots or go casual with some cute high tops and appliqué t-shirt! Whatever style you chose, your little one will surely turn heads! It is also simple enough to sew for a quick gift for your niece or granddaughter!

Pattern size 6 months – 6 years
8 instructional pages
44 pictures

I have submitted it to You Can Make This tonight and if all goes well it should be ready for sale in a couple of weeks. I will also be putting it on ebay tonight!

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