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Monday, January 28, 2008

My Sewing Pattern Website Coming Soon!

Hello! I am excited to say that I am venturing into my own website for SewSensible. This sewing blog began as a way to connect to other sewing Mommies and eventually worked itself into a small sewing pattern business! The website venture is exciting and at the same time a little stressful. Before becoming a Mommy, I had some good technology knowledge.....up to date and with the times!! WOW!! What happens to your brain cells when those sweet little kiddos enter your life!!!!! LOL I don't know if it is because we have eight of them or does this happen when you just have one or two!!

So during this move to a website, I can't say it has been super easy because it just has not been; however, I am getting some good help as I submit each "ticket" into my host site and Elaborique Studios, who designed my templates, is just the kindest person! I have really appreciated her kindness through this move! As of today, if you are interested in purchasing my sewing patterns do so at YouCanMakeThis! I have stopped my ebay listings until next week because I will be unavailable to send any patterns purchased from ebay or My Etsy until next week. With this new website, you will be able to purchase and get that instant download that is so appealing to purchasing digital items. I am looking forward to that feature!!

In the meantime, you can visit the new website but I warn is very much under construction!! Oh, and look forward to a new blog template to match my website!! To visit, click the banner above!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Twirl SKORT ! (Twirl Skirt)

Another "Awesome Customer Creation!!" This is the Twirl SKORT!! What a beautiful Valentine's outfit and such a cute little model!! Here's what this Mommy said,

"Thank you so much for this pattern. My sweetie LOVES it."

twirl skort

shorts under skirt for twirl skort

Ahnalin in valentine outfit

Also, my Boutique Easter Basket sewing pattern can easily be created into a Valentine Goodie Basket filled with lots of **kisses** for your little princess or prince!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms outfit!

I just received two of the cutest outfits made with the Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns!! These are two sisters and they look so adorable! This Mommy added a double ruffle! What an awesome customer creation!!

Tana's Tutu Dress Sewing Pattern!

My friend, Nanoo Designs, has another terrific and cute dress sewing pattern that is available in her Etsy shop and soon to be available at YouCanMakeThis! This dress is not only very simple to sew but makes an absolutely CUTE dress!! It is similar to the Pillowcase dress. You can use matching ribbon for the ties or coordinating fabric. It is also lined AND comes with headband instructions! Nanette, my girls love their dresses and their headbands!!

Here is the description:
Tana Tutu Dress by Nanoo Designs is a fun sundress in 4 sizes (1-4) with two strap styles and instructions for a single or double tulle ruffle. Also included is a bonus section on how to make fabric headbands like the ones on the cover. There are 13 pages of instructions with 54 pictures for the dress and two pages of headband instructions with 22 pictures.

Visit her blog and see other sewing patterns she has created and designed!

Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern!

Sister secrets!!

Boutique Easter Basket with Trim!

There are three size baskets to make for the Boutique Easter Basket. The sizes are 7"X7", 10"X10", and a 9"X9". The 7"X7" and the 9"X9" are the sturdiest of the three because I have made the sides higher. This is a picture of the 9"X9". I have added trim around the basket along with a bow! And that is Elijah's cute little finger trying to get the ball trim! I hope to make the girls an Easter outfit with a matching Boutique Easter Basket soon! I also plan to make my younger two sons one as well! I was thinking of Blue Camaflouge! Asa is really into camaflouge this year!! You can purchase the Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern here on my sewing blog or on the following sites: YouCanMakeThis!, Ebay, or Etsy. All the links are on the side.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern!

My Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern is up on YouCanMakeThis! in the What's New section. I have already received two awesome creations: one from my sister-in-law and one from an awesome customer!

This is my niece, Emma, with her "Mommy's Creation" Easter Basket! Now this was her Mommy's second sewing project!! Way to go, Jenny!! You did a great job!!

And here is an awesome Customer Creation!! Cute! Cute!

"I just loved your basket pattern and have to get a second one made because they both want the one I did last night.Thanks so much!"

Also, if you have not signed up for the new "You Can SEW This!" eNewsletter from YouCanMakeThis! then click picture below. You get some pretty cool free downloads as well! The newsletter goes out tomorrow.

You Can Make This

Monday, January 21, 2008

Twirl SKORT! (Twirl Skirt)

My Twirl SKORT sewing Pattern is up on You Can Make This! Below is the testers outfit she made! Beautiful and so cute!!

Custom Valentine Outit!

Here is another awesome customer creation: Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms outfit! And here is what was said,

"Aimee... I finally got brave and made the boutique top. It was so easy. I made it and the bottoms in about 3 hours tonight. My niece's birthday is this month and I thought I would make her an outfit. It cost me a total of $4.00 to make. I thought it would be hard to make the top but with your instructions and pictures I had no trouble at all. Next I have to try the skort pattern. You have created a monster (HaHa). Thanks"

Wow!!$4.00!! Now that is sensible sewing!! Thank you for sending the picture!! Receiving your pictures is one of my highlights when going to my email!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Ruffles!

Making ruffles!!
It can be a headache or a joy! I would rather it be a joy because once the frustration level sets in, making that outfit just became a chore!! There are several ways to make a ruffle. You can use your sewing machine or you can use a serger. I have both a sewing machine and a serger. Neither one is the most expensive. Actually, I work with the most basic straight stitch sewing machine that my Mom gave me when I got married 8 years ago. And my serger is really on the low end of sergers, but it does what I need it to do and I love it!! I am going to tell you some sewing tips in making ruffles:
1. Using you sewing machine, you will sew a straight line using the longest stitch from one end to the other end without backstitching in the beginning and the end. You will then pull one thread and gather your fabric to make a ruffle. Depending on how long your ruffle is going to be and the quality of your thread, you can pop your thread sometimes. In this case, I always recommend buying a good quality thread. Don't buy the cheapest.
2. Another way to gather your fabric is to zig zag over a piece of thread. Again, not backstitching in the beginning or end. Then pull the thread and gather to make a ruffle.
3. Buy a ruffle foot or gathering foot for your sewing machine. You Can Make This actually has a free Ruffler foot eBook that gives step by step on how to make that perfect ruffle!
And my friend, Kathy, found a great video on gathering. Click here to view it!

1. I make my ruffles with my serger. It is fast and easy as I am sure a ruffle foot would be for your sewing machine. Your serger should come with an optional gathering/ruffle foot. You can follow their directions on how to make a ruffle or you can do the following: (Now this is with my Brother Baby Lock 1034D) Set the #1 needle thread on loose tension #9. Leave the #2 thread tension set on #3. and the upperlooper and lowerlooper on tension #4. Put the Differential feed ratio adjustment lever on 2.0. Stitch length adjustment dial on 4. Stitch width lever in between 6 and 7. Now, for me, if I go too fast one of my needle threads always pops so go moderately fast. And I leave my knife on.

Below is a picture of my serger as seen on Amazon. I make no money from this post or the link to Amazon. This is just a sewing tip to help you have a very joyous sewing experience when making ruffles!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Customer Creation for the Prince!

Here is another awesome Customer Creation!! Love it!!

"Aimee, Here is a picture of the boys bottoms I make using your boutique bottoms pattern. I just can't stop now that I have started. Love your patterns. Thanks"

More Customer Creations!

One of the FUNNEST emails to open is the ones that contain customer creations!! Here are a few more pictures of my most recents ones! Here is what one Mom said, "Hello there Aimee..... i wanted to send you a picture of my little one in her twirl skirt I hope you enjoy it. I know for sure she loved it and all the mom's that seen her in it did too."
Cute!! Cute!!!
MANY thanks to both of you for the pictures!

Patterns used: SewSensible's Twirl SKORT and Boutique Bottoms!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms Outfit!

Here is another awesome "Customer Creation" using SewSensible's Dress Top Sewing Pattern and Boutique Bottoms!! Wow!! I love it!! How beautiful!
Thanks for sending in the pictures!

Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms Outfit!

Here is a beautiful outfit done by Growing Up With Rosy using the Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Patterns!! I just love this fabric!! Cute!! Cute!!
Look for this outfit to be selling on ebay!

Patterns used:
SewSensible's Dress Top
and Boutique Bottoms

Sewing Pattern Giveaway!

The following saying keeps coming in front of me: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”-Winston Churchhill

And since this is a sewing blog then I would like to give away another sewing pattern..... rather two sewing patterns! This giveaway will be my two newest patterns: the Twirl SKORT and the Boutique Easter Basket!! So, the first person who comments on this post will be blessed with these two sewing patterns! (Now in reference to the quote above: I am not trying to make a life out of the sewing pattern business but rather a life of blessing others! Just wanted to clarify that.)
Quite Beautiful! The Twirl SKORT: where being modest is Fun!

I have designed this SKORT so that our children can have fun playing while keeping our daughters “girly” and modest. The Twirl SKORT combines the popular twirl skirt with the pantaloon! That’s right: a twirl skirt with sewn in shorts! Now your little princess can keep her skirt on while she jumps, twirls, slides, flips, rides her bike, and does cartwheels!Great for the beginner to the advanced sewer! Easy to follow step-by-step instructions along with lots of pictures to guide you through each step! Not only is this a unique and cute skort, but very easy to sew! Dress it up with a peasant top and boots or go casual with some cute high tops and appliqué t-shirt! Whatever style you chose, your little one will surely turn heads! It is also simple enough to sew for a quick gift for your niece or granddaughter!
Pattern size 6 months – 6 years8 instructional pages44 pictures

How about a custom “Mommy’s Creation” Boutique Easter Basket! This is absolutely a fun and cute sewing project, one you will surely enjoy! Personalize your child’s Easter basket with an initial monogram or a bunny appliqué! Use a coordinating fabric to match their Easter Outfit! Looking for a great Easter gift idea? Customize an Easter Basket for your nieces, nephews, and grandchildren!! Fill it with their favorite toys and treats to make this one special Easter to remember!

29 pictures, 9 instructional pages, THREE basket sizes

"You Can SEW This!"

Yet another awesome addition to the You Can Make This! site. Kim, the founder of YCMT never ceases to amaze me! Her site has inspired me tremendously in my sewing hobby and business so this new addition, the "You Can SEW This!" newsletter is going to be enjoyed by me! If you want to find out more and sign-up for it, then click here. You also get some pretty awesome downloads!! Check it out!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dress Top Sewing Pattern Correction and Pattern Layout!

If any of you purchased my Dress Top sewing pattern, please make the following correction to your eBook. When I calculated for the yardage needed, I forgot to add the bodice. For the size 5/6, you will need 41" instead of 1 yard. And this is if you are using all of the fabric. My advice, to be on the safe side, is to purchase 1 1/2 yards. You will have some left over but I would rather have some left over than be too short!! As I am sure you would too!

Also, I am including in this post a draft of how the pattern will be cut to utilize all of your fabric, economically speaking. When you purchase your fabric it is already folded in half. You will unfold and find the middle. Now take the top end and fold towards middle. Take the bottom end and fold toward the middle making two folds. Cut out your front and back. Next refold your fabric with one fold (as you bought it). Now cut your bodice liner on fold, and cut your strap strips and ruffle strips back to back. I will refine this drawing and make a revised Dress Top eBook. Until then I will add the correction to the eBook.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Twirl SKORT !

My friend created two separate pieces for her daughter using the Twirl SKORT sewing pattern. She created a skirt and a separate pair of shorts. Looks cute, MorningSong! She then sent a picture with her daughter wearing them together. Still cute!! Thanks for sending the pictures!

Side note: If any of you decide to make the Twirl SKORT as two separate pieces, please know that the shorts will look a little longer than if you made it into one piece! (This is because the waist to the skirt is higher on the body than the shorts are. As a Twirl SKORT, the waist is one for both making the shorts long enough to see just the shorts ruffle making it actually look like a double ruffle twirl skirt!) Either way is cute!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Honesty!! something so valuable!!!

Well, I had an eye opener today from a very honest buyer!! I store some of my sewing patterns on a site that when you purchase one of my listings on ebay and pay through paypal the buyer is given a link to the sewing pattern. Well, I was informed by this precious buyer who purchased my Easter Basket sewing pattern that she also had access to the Twirl SKORT! I immediately went to this site to delete my patterns and contacted them and now I know how this site works! I also saw that my patterns on this site had been downloaded more than was purchased and that is ok. I cannot live my life judging others or give one ounce of myself to a negative attitude. I know the wages of sin and I chose not to walk that path. The fear of God is very strong within me. That keeps me straight and honest! I have given this sewing pattern business to God and the success of it is all because of Him! I do ask that any of you that purchase my patterns please do not copy or distribute any of its content to anybody. With that said, if you are reading this and for some reason you cannot afford to purchase a pattern, I will gladly bless you with a pattern. I am a very honest woman of God and I live my life by the Bible and I give all the glory to God for my life and I serve God with all my heart, all my soul, all my body, and all my spirit. This is a small glimpse of who I am and who you are buying from. I just wanted to share what was on my heart at this moment.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Purse, Bible Cover, and Diaper Wipee Bag!

This is my latest sewing project: a purse, bible cover, and a diaper wipee bag! It was well time for all three! I used Amy Butler fabric. The diaper wipee was actually my original bible cover but I miscalculated so that's how it became Elijah's church diaper wipee bag. This was the first time I did this size and I added a zipper. There are a couple things I need to change. There is a pocket on the outside and three pockets on the inside. The bottom is wide enough for me to carry my bible and diaper wipee bag along with wallet and lipstick!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boutique Bottoms and Twirl SKORT sewing patterns! Customer comments and Creations

" This is SewSensible's Boutique Bottoms pattern. I am a beginner and I loved the pattern; it was so easy to follow. Look how cute the bottoms turned out! "

"Hi Aimee, I finally completed the outfit today it turned out better than the pic did but this looks so cute on her and I love the fact that with the
skort her diaper doesnt show. Thank You So Much"

These are several pictures of some pretty awesome creations from some talented customers using the Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern and the Twirl SKORT Sewing Pattern! Pretty cute "models" as well! Thanks to each of you for sending them in. This truly blesses me!! And if you purchased any of my patterns, please feel free sending in your creations at I would love to see what you are creating!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

My friend MorningSong just finished making her daughter two pairs of pants using my Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern. Here is what she said,

"My good friend SewSensible has another great pattern available on You Can Make This and eBay. I LOVE HER PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a pair for HC last night!! SEW easy!! :) SOOO easy too!!"

Thanks, MorningSong, for the kind words!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sewing Pattern Giveaway!

Hello! and Hello to all the people of Australia! It is amazing how the internet can bring people from around the world together! Do you know that half of my buyers are from Australia! This probably has all to do with their weather there. If I am correct, it is hot. I will have to go to and see the temps. Anyway, thank all of you who have purchased my patterns. I am receiving excellent feedback which really blesses me. I am also happy to say that those beginner sewers are doing it!! Way to go!! And know that sewing is addictive!! LOL so is buying fabric!!

OK, I really would like to giveaway another pattern. Actually, I am going to giveaway three. It will be the Dress Top, Boutique Bottoms, and the Easter Basket pattern. I am hoping that someone will make an Easter outfit with a matching Easter basket and then send me the pictures!! If any of you would like to make an Easter outfit with the matching basket, please let me know and I will send you all three sewing patterns!! So the first person who comments on this post will receive these patterns!

Awesome Creations!!

Easy to Sew Children Boutique Sewing Patterns

Hello! Welcome to my sewing blog!!

You Can Make This and save money!

You Can Make This!