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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Sewing Projects, Thanks, Happy New Year!

This is my precious Mother and wonderful husband! They are my best friends! Because of my Mom and my husband, I was able to get a lot accomplished in 2008 in reference to SewSensible! Mom, I love you so much. Thanks for ALL the encouraging words of wisdom you have poured into me and the times you have helped me with the children when I needed it with SewSensible! And, Tommy, thank you for helping me with a smile anytime I needed you especially those days and nights when I was completing a pattern. You are my gift from God! I love you!

And of course thanks to all of you who are reading this! Your comments, your emails, your kind words, your awesome custom creations have blessed me more than you probably know! Thank you!

This year the girl gifts were a pair of Boutique Bottoms with a matching applique tee! Of course I waited until the last minute and was sewing up until the 23rd to finish these gifts mainly because I was also still sewing for my three girls which I made them each an applique tee and at the last minute Asa wanted one too so that meant making him and Elijah one. Not next year! I have already ordered some of my fabric and will start planning for 2009 gifts early. I'll post about it and maybe some of you might want to start as early as I am planning. Now if you don't see some posts about gifts in the next couple of months please REMIND ME about this post!!!!! LOL

I also have two more outfits that I guess I did not take a picture of. They are cupcake applique outfits using SewSensible's Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms. Hopefully next year I will have some cute dolls to go along with the outfits! We will see!

And I have three sewing patterns on the drawing table and will dive into those as soon as 2009 begins. I also will be working on another free tutorial...... this one (if it comes out the way I am thinking) will be fun and so cute for our little girls! I pray all of you had a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!


Nicki said...

Where did you get this Awesome I love you applique'?

SewSensible said...

Nicki, I bought it from SWAK. And it stitches out really fast for me.

Amy said...

Ok, I've decided one of my New Year's resolutions is to buy some of your patterns and make some goodies for my girls. I always love seeing what you've made (and so simple, the bottoms and tee's but so darned darling!!!).

Thanks for the inspiration!

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