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Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Sewing Pattern!

I believe this will be my next sewing pattern! I have several I have drawn on paper and made some testers but this is the only one I have to make a few small adjustments! It is a lined dress top. Here is a picture of it. I have not named it yet. This is one of two I am making for my twin Granddaughters who will turn 1 in June! I believe I will also make some bottoms to match! This would look awesome with a fabric flower top center! Very simple to sew!

side note: pictures without models are sometimes deceiving.....this dress top is double layered so your child's belly will not be showing. The second panel behind the ruffled panels is the lining that covers the belly! :)


Bani said...

this seems to be a pretty nice pattern :)
I love all those ruffles. Really cute! :)
Best regards,

Momma Roar said...

I really like this one. The ruffles on the shoulder strap and in the front make it so fun!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute ! YOu continue to amaze me!

Donna said...

I love the look of this top, it's so cute and looks like it would be easy to sew, my kind of top. Can't wait for the pattern to be on your website.
regards Donna

bLaSk said...

is it reversible... ohh i love it..


Melanie said...

Ohh Ohhh.. So cute!! I can not wait for this one. So Summery and sweet...God Bless


SewSensible said...

Thanks, Bani, LeighAnn, S, Donna,Melanie, and Tiffany!

Tiffany, it is not reversible but it is lined.

Jennifer said...

Aimee, it looks cute. I'm picturing my daughter's little pop belly poking out between the ruffles. I'm sure your granddaughters will look adorable in it.

SewSensible said...

Jennifer, you are so sweet but the second panel you see will actually be in front of her belly! :) so the dress is lined so that the ruffle panels are actually the second layer to the dress :)

Paula said...

Oh, Aimee, I'm so ready for this one. I love ruffles!

Melanie said...

I agree.. Ever since Aimee Helped me to figure out the ruffler on my serger (always so sweet of her).. I have been so excited to see anything with ruffles!!!

So to say the least I am tickled about this pattern...


Jennifer said...

LOL, Aimee. I noticed the other panel before posting. I guess I should have made it clear her belly would poke out, but be covered. She has a pregnant looking pop belly.

SewSensible said...

Jennifer!! :)
I have a couple of those "pop" bellies too!

MorningSong said...

You are right - it is deceiving! I thought it was cute but thought I didn't want HC's belly to show! :)

You are truly talented! (I can't believe the twins will be 1 already!!!!)


Paige said...

You are killing me here! I LOVE this pattern, how much longer? Oh and with this post could you adopt me to? LOL! I just figured you didn't hear enough begging during the day.

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