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Monday, May 5, 2008

Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern!

Ok, after an intense orphan adoption summit, it was great to get this email from Beth when I got home!! Here is what Beth said and here is her precious Granddaughter in her awesome GrandMommy creation using SewSensible's Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern!!

"Hi Aimee'...... I just had to post this latest outfit before I'm discovered by an 'Intervention Crew' who'll send me to the nearest Sew Sensible Rehab Center. Your patterns are so addictive and versatile I find myself spending a great deal of time each day thinking up new ways to use them....... hence my new creation..... Can-can Corset Cutie. The top is a reversible corset and the 'pantaloons' are your Boutique Bottoms pattern. My youngest granddaughter is 7 months old so I've made a tuck in the bottoms (right under the ruffle) where a thread can be clipped which will lengthen the bottoms about an inch as she grows. Thank you again for these wonderful patterns and your encouraging, fun website! God's richest blessings and favor, Beth

Thanks so much, Beth, for your email and these awesome pictures! Love what you did and your Granddaughter is so beautiful!! You will never know how truly refreshing this email was!!


Donna W said...

Oh!!!My, Gosh!!! How cute is this outfit...I love it! And the little princess is just too adorable....
Love it! Love it!
You've given me inspiration...

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! Now isn't this just adorable!! The baby is realllly enjoying her new outfit!! I am so tickled to see this..Very cute!!
What a proud grandmom!!

I agree with Donna...Inspirational!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you both for your sweet, encouraging comments.

We have 4 little "reasons for breathing" and Mikah is our youngest. She was a preemie and still a tiny 13lbs at 7 months. I started sewing when she was born and what a blast it is!

Thank you, again

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