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Sunday, May 11, 2008

HOPE JOY Bubble Top Sewing Pattern!

Beautiful pictures, adorable model, and gorgeous outfit by awesome Mommy Hays! You are a blessing!

First, Happy Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mother's!! I pray you had a very blessed day! And to all of you who may be going through infertility or a miscarriage or a failed adoption, I pray for God's strength for you today. I know the pain of infertility and miscarriage and how hard Mother's Day was for me but I also know that God has not forgotten you and hears your cries to be a Mom! Persevere and Praise Him because He is the multiplier of families! You can read my testimony here for encouragement as you go through another Mother's Day! Be encouraged! He does have a hope and a future planned for you! And today I know that those years of being infertile led me directly to two miracles: adoption and birth! Thank you, Lord! (I am actually eight months pregnant in the picture on our testimony.)

That leads me into the name of my newest pattern HOPE JOY. I'll make it short. After five years of infertility, after two gloriously miraculous adoptions, we found out we were pregnant. However, the joy was cut short when I miscarried during week six. I was confused and deeply heartbroken. I reached out to a lady in our church and she said that Tommy and I should pray and ask God what was the sex of the baby that we just lost and name our baby. I was just so deeply sad that I asked Tommy to do this. He did and God answered!! Tommy came to me the next day and held me and said, "Aimee', God answered my prayer. He said it was a girl and her name is Hope Joy. Hope because it brought hope to us that we got pregnant and hope to other couples who were experiencing infertility. And Joy because this baby (even though it was six weeks in my womb) brought tremendous Joy to us, our family, and our friends!" I cried and thought that is exactly the name I want for her! She was a blessing on so many levels and we don't have the answers as to why we miscarried but we do have Hope and Joy that God was in control and is in control of our family. So I celebrate by giving this sewing pattern her name. Now you know!


Anonymous said...

Very precious and encouraging story! You have been so faithful to God to share your story and glorify him through both the ups and downs! What a blessing you are!

Melanie said...

Hope Joy...Praise God...I can hardly type..Your Testimony is so uplifting and Full of God's Love! He is so good!! God Bless you Aimee...Happy Mother's day!!! Also.. Just a little fun fact.. I read your testimony and at the bottom your picture of your Son Elijah was another neat somewhat connection for me.

I have a Son also.. He is 11 now and I was going to name him Elijah..I thought How sweet I love that name.. Then I see his Birthdate...Jan. 5.. My Son was on Jan. 4...Then I see the time..1:01 pm.. My son was at 2:02 pm! Just thought it was neat! God is so good!!

MorningSong said...

WOW!! Great testimony!! And beautiful pattern too!

I praise God for you and your family! I can't tell you the number of people I tell your story to. It always lifts the couple up to think - we could be blessed the same way!!

Blessings and continued Joy!!

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