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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scoop Neck Dress Top sewing pattern with long sleeve and short sleeve options!

I am getting some pictures back from testers who are testing the Revision of the Scoop Neck Dress Top with long/short sleeve options!! How cute are these!!!!!!!!!! I am still waiting on several more and am hoping to have this one ready as a downloadable in the beginning of November and as a physical in beginning of December!! I will be using this pattern for my girls' dresses for our family picture we are taking next weekend! I'll be sewing them beginning of next week! So excited about the revisions!!


The Miller 6 said...

I love the pink and green fabric combo, makes it so girly and dainty!! When can we expect this pattern to be available?

Heather Gragg said...

I can't wait! I'd like to make one with long sleeves for my little one!

Amanda said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to get mine sewn up, hopefully tomorrow! You do beautiful work!

Robin said...

I'm excited that your patterns are supposed to be for the not brilliant sewer as that would be me. I'm excited to give the pants a try. Thanks for doing a giveaway on The Benner Daily.

Robin said...

Also, I'd be happy to try out patterns for you. robear529(at)

Anonymous said...

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