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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Sewing Pattern Coming Soon!

Ok, I have been sewing up a new pattern. I took these pictures with my phone as you can tell! It is not what you think it is!!?? ;) I am working on the sizes now. I am excited that this will be for me!!..... and you!! I am excited to finally use all the beautiful fabric on something for me!! This will be a holiday pattern and of course I will use holiday fabric but for now I loved to use this Jennifer Paganelli fabric (the top and bottom picture). I will hopefully give more details in the coming days about this pattern but until then HOW EXCITING!!!!! (smile).


Jennifer said...

*clapping with excitement*

Nicki said...

I love it Aimee! It is gorgeous

One More Equals Four said...

Cannot wait!!!

Awesome Creations!!

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