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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scoop Neck Dress Top sewing pattern!

Do you remember this cute top?!! I still have it on the drawing board and will definitely be making women tops for next year. And meet my new friend! So all you who have dress forms, do you name her? Might just have to! What friend doesn't have a name?
Here is another Scoop Neck Dress Top with short sleeve (no gathering). (Note: this is the revisions I am working on. They are not ready yet.) This dress was made for a family friend's daughter who reminded me for the past 6 months that she wanted a dress for her birthday! I was able to drop it off to her Mom and Dad yesterday and party is today! I was so excited she wanted one that much!! So here it is. She requested cheetah but I could not find a good cheetah fabric so this animal print worked fine for her! And then I got Grace to try it on and as you can tell she had the giggles! So cute!!

Right now Quilt Market is going on and I am definitely making plans to attend next year! I am such the underdog in the pattern industry but I plan to persevere and continue to swim my way through!! LOL If you want to follow the quilt market you can on twitter. Just search #quiltmarket and you will get some fun updates and the best pictures ever!!!!! Go to and sign up for free and search #quiltmarket and you can start following all the ladies who are twittering from market in Houston. And please follow me too! You can either click on the twitter bird on the top right hand corner of this blog or search SewSensible in twitter!


My Little Cupcake said...

OMG! Super cute!!!

Jennifer said...

I was reading a blog recently where they had a name the manikin giveaway. Women suggested names of other ladies. The lady who was picked won the apron in the picture that was on the manikin and her friend's name is now the manikins name. I thought it was cute. BTW, I believe she named her Mimi.

I have to go check out the Quilt Market.

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One More Equals Four said...

LOVE the women's dress top! I would definitely name the dress form, she IS a friend!

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