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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Women's Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

Yes, I am still working on the Women's Dress Top! I wore the original one I made, the reversible one, all day to our family movie day and it just was not comfortable. Ok, I live in Louisiana and it is hot and stuffy now and the original reversible summer dress top did not make it any cooler. It actually was hotter. I believe it was the reversible part so this one you see in the picture is a revised one. It is not reversible. I also changed the back a little but I think I may try another change to the back. I wore this one yesterday during me and Tommy's date day (thank you, Mom, for letting us do this and watching the children!) Now this one was a lot comfortable and cooler to wear. I even had one lady stop me and tell me how much she liked my shirt. Yay!! always makes a "sewer" feel good!!

Reality, this top is no where near being a sellable pattern yet. I am so busy on transitioning my patterns to physical that this one will have to wait a bit longer. It looks like it will be a dress top for next year?? I'll have to see. The fabric above is Jennifer Paganelli's. I love her animal print paired with any of her fabric!

Tommy took this picture above while we were looking at fruit trees at Home Depot. I look stiff as a board and like I responded to Tommy yelling "ATTENTION!" He didn't of course but it surely looks like that! The sun was also directly in my eyes but at least you get to see it on! :)

Physical Pattern Status:
I have posted on my side bar places to purchase SewSensible physical patterns. FAITH Double Layer Dress Top is the new version with a simpler pattern but the same cute look. I have not made it available for download yet just physical. I am also working on transitioning the next four: Twirl SKORT, Reversible Pleated Dress Top, and Tween Teen Boutique Dress Top and Bottoms. These four should be ready in the next 45 days. If you are interested in carrying SewSensible Children's Boutique Sewing Patterns, please email me and I will send you the details.


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km.roudabush said...

Is there a pattern for this top for purchase?

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