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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Women's Dress Top Sewing Pattern, New Sewing Pattern, and a get together!

Last week we had our quarterly Adoption Support Group Fellowship at our home. These times together are so awesome! It is great to do life with and connect with other families that have chosen to walk the path of adoption. It is my heart! If interested, you can go here to our orphan adoption blog and see the rest of our day!

One side's view!
(if you look close you can see where I went off a bit on the middle band!)

Reversible side's view!

So I made me another Reversible Women's Dress Top! I used different fabrics as to utilize my "scrap" bag!! I actually wore this to our family movie day to see Ice Age 3. This was the second time I wore something I made for myself in public! The first time was when I was in college! So much fun!

Also, SewSensible Reversible Pleated Dress Top is now available on YCMT! So if you are interested in purchasing my new sewing pattern you can purchase it at my website, my etsy store, YCMT, or at AllBrands!


Jennifer said...

Aimee' the top is so cute. You REALLY need to make women's top patterns. I would love you for it. =) Alright, I love you anyway.... but I would love some easy patterns for myself.

jrene said...

I keep stalking your blog to see when you are going ot post that you have the women's top pattern ready! I SO need some cute tops for the summer, would love to have this one to make! hmm, will keep checking back! :) maybe in time before I go on vacation!

Melanie Bushby said...

I agree!! This is such a cute top! I would love to have something ALOT like this pattern "hint" hehe.. Its so cute! Very stylish! You always amaze me!! And it also looks like all the children had a beautiful time at the get together!
God Bless!!

Crystal said...

Oh, Aimee! I love the women's top. I hope you make that into a pattern to sell. It's adorable. the only thing I've made for myself is the reversible wrap skirt from You Can Make It, Too. I get compliments every time I wear it.

BTW, Amelia's aat my mom's this week and she's taking a week long sewing class. Man, I wish I had sewing classes when I was nine!

Anonymous said...

OK Aimee', when are you going to cough up the pattern for testing. It is perfect already :)

Jennifer Paganelli said... incredible!!! great pattern I hope too!!! love the pairings such an incredible sense of color you have and I adore the zebra as the top go girl!!

Newsintheroom said...

LOVE the top, as always, you are amazing.

By the way, I went to church yesterday and a little girl there was wearing one of your patterns! I was so excited, can't wait to talk to her mom Wenesday!

Okay, she wasn't actually wearing the pattern, she was wearing a dress MADE from the pattern! ☺

Anonymous said...

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