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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sewing Patterns for the Beginner to the Advanced Sewer!

"Hey Aimee!!! I just had to email you! I am brand new to sewing, literally, just started sewing a week and a half ago. I started with a skirt pattern with the help of my mother in law and quickly made two more on my own. I was looking around online for more patterns and came across your website. I just fell in love with your stuff and bought four patterns! I figured I would work my way up to being able to sew them. I went through and read the directions to the boutique dress top and pants and realized how easy they were and decided to jump right in! Your directions were fabulous and so easy to follow! I whipped out a top and pants yesterday! I attached a picture for you to see. I am hoping no one looks too closely because there were a few mistakes that I had to work on and I realized once I got my fabric and started that I probably should have started with a more basic fabric, but all in all I am happy with my first project! I dressed my 18 month old daughter in the outfit for a party today and got immediate compliments on her outfit and even more when I told them I made it myself. I have discovered a new love in sewing, I am a bit obsessed right now and look forward to using more of your patterns! Thank you!!!! K"

Yes, everybody, you do know this was a super exciting email to receive!! I so remember that feeling when I made my first sewing project! Thanks, K, for sharing such encouraging words. You will be amazed at how this will inspire others to jump into it as well! And believe me we all make mistakes while sewing!!!!! That is part of the learning process! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and your outfit is fabulous!!

On another note, yesterday was the big 4-0 for me! And I do mean big! I have always been one of those people that starts celebrating my birthday months in advance!! Not so this year. This birthday was so deep and emotional and just.... well.... I didn't want to leave my 30's! I plan to sum it up on my family blog in the next couple days and share how God definitely showed up and held my hand as I made this leap! Really! It was a leap for me!! HA!


Rebecca said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had a good one, even though it was emotional.

Nanette said...

Happy Birthday.

Melanie Bushby said...

My dear sweet friend....

You are blessed! I know what it feels like to leap..I had to leap this year as well.. I left my 20's in the dust on the 10th of this month! *July is a good month* I was heart sick over turning a NUMBER! I had many prayers and wonderful friends to remind me of that. I know God has blessed you with 40 wonderful years of life, Just imagine what he will do in the next 40 and on!! Hugs to you my friend..You look stunning at forty, Remember 40 is the new 30! Hugs and blessings to you...

Happy Belated Birthday.

NaomiG said...

I do not believe that you are 40... ya look great! Happy Birthday!

SewSensible said...

Wow!!!!! I am feeling so young on this post! I might stay here in the comment section for a while!! HA!!

Anonymous said...

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