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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Sewing Pattern Reversible Pleated Dress Top!

I have been busy working on the directions and graphics of the new sewing pattern: SewSensible Reversible Pleated Dress Top! I am excited about it and I have purchased the fabric that will be used for the cover. I am in need of some pattern testers. I am looking for two testers in each size: 6m-9m, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. The pattern will just include the reversible pleated dress top and not the shorts as I had talked about before. The only reason is because I just don't have enough room on my direction sheet. However, the Boutique Bottoms pattern can be used. I have a couple more days to get the pattern on a pdf so if you would like to test please know that once you receive the pattern and directions, I am in need of you to test within 3 days of receiving it. Please only respond by making a comment to this post if you are able to do this. Or you can email me at Thanks! In Christ, Aimee'


Stitch 'N Love said...

Aimee, I Would LOVE to test one of your patterns again. I could do it if I got the pattern before Friday. I am going to be making outfits for my daughter (3T) to wear on our vacation!


Charlotte said...

Amiee, I would love to test a 5-6 Dress Top!!

Nicki said...

Hi Aimee,
I can test the 6-9 month or the 1/2. I have a daughter who wears 6-9 months and a niece who wears the 1/2.
It is a beautiful pattern, you definitely have a God-given talent!

jhwolf said...

I could test a 1-2. I have a granddaughter in size 1.

Judy in MO

chellie said...

I would LOVE to test it for you!! My daughter is a 3T. So that size would be best 3/4, possibly a 1/2. I already have fabric that i am dying to use!


Jodie said...

I can do a 5-6 Dress top if you still need someone.

Rachael said...

I could test a 1-2. I also have fabric I am dieing to use!

Tim said...

Hi Aimee,
I would love to test the pattern if you still need someone. I could do a 6-9 month or the 3/4. I have a girl in each size.I just love the new pattern.

The Write Life said...

I'd love to test the size 1-2. I have two grandbaby girls that live with us and I want to make them some new clothes. I'd love a chance to try out your patterns!


Dorothy said...

Aimee, I too would love to test again for you!! I would make the 1/2.

LouLou said...

Aimee', I can test the 1-2 and 3-4 if you like..... I'm free for this week :)

Amanda said...

I have a 2 yr old, and a 9 month old if you need testers in this area! I am planning on being in my sewing room all week, so I will have one ready for you by your deadline!

Jess said...

I would love to test your pattern in a 1/2 for my daughter. I love trying out different patterns and doing reviews on them. You can see some of the stuff I've sewn on my blog

Jennifer said...

I wish I could. I almost asked my mom if I could borrow her sewing machine while we are staying in a hotel. Now I wish I did. =)

Jennifer said...

I would love to test size 5-6

Carol said...

Hi Aimee, I would love to test this pattern for my daughter. She wears a 5/6. I already have the bottom pattern so i could make a complete outfit lol.


Sara said...

Hi Aimee: I've been waiting for this adorable pattern! I would just LOVE to test it, paticularly in the 1/2. I could also do any larger sizes. My daughter is 2T now, but I would be happy to make any larger size, that she could grow into. Thanks! Sara

Jennifer said...

If you still need some testers I would love to do it . . . I can do any size that you need. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Forgot to leave my e-mail address - Thanks!

Kristy said...

I can test a 3-4 or a 5-6 I LOVE LOVE to do it for you

email addy is


turtlelamb said...

I think you're probably full, but I'd love to test any of the sizes for you~ Thanks!

Tina said...

Hi Aimee,
I would LOVE to test the 5/6 if you could use me. I have the fabric washed and set aside and could do it by Friday with Boutique Bottoms to match.

P.S. Sent an email also.

SewSensible said...

Thank all of you SEW MUCH!!!!! HA!
couldn't resist!

I just sent out an email to all of you. If you do not get it I could not find your email address. I tested the 3-4 yesterday and need to make some small changes to the arm curve. I will do that today and hopefully have the pattern pages as pdf tomorrow!
Thanks again!!
In Christ, Aimee'

gina said...

Would love to be a tester if you still need one. You can see my work here BTW, beautiful pattern!


julie said...

Hi Aimee,

Just purchased a couple of your patterns and already made the faith dress top for my daughter. The directions were excellent and I so enjoyed making it. My daughter also loves the dress and tells everyone I made it for her- I am so proud. I have two little girls and would be honored to test a 5-6 and/or 6-9 months.

Jess said...

I didn't get an email, suppose its cause I didn't provide my email lol. Here's my email Thanks!

Amanda said...

oops! I thought my email was attached. I would still love to test!

Donna W said...

Hi Aimee, I would love to test a
3-4 for you, if you still need more testers...

regards Donna W.

Donna W said...

Sorry my email address is

regards Donna W.

Melanie Bushby said...


Its has been so long since i have written. I finally am back online and loving all your new updates!Absolutely blessed you are! I have been thinking about you and praying for you! I am so thrilled to beable to keep in touch now!

Keep up all the beautiful work, as always you amaze me with your God given talents!

Take care..

Anonymous said...

I would love to test the 3/4 pattern. I just made a peasant skirt and matching headband (without a pattern)for my older daughter using Amy Butler fabrics and am enjoying having the time to sew for my children again now that home schooling is over.

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