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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Sewing Pattern and Physical patterns!

Reversible Pleated Dress Top Sewing Pattern update: Testers, I have to tell you that all of you are awesome!! Thanks again for doing this and for those that are still sending emails to help thank you! I do not need anymore testers at this time for this pattern but I am always looking for testers in the future. These comments will help change what I need to change to make this pattern easier to understand and easier to sew! THANK YOU!!!!!

The tester comments are almost all in and no doubt I will have to change the wording on the pleats. This is the most important step for your dress top to sew quickly and easily. I will make those changes this week and I am hoping to have the new release by next week! Above is one tester photo! Look how cute that little girl is! and Mom even made matching Boutique Bottoms! Too cute!

Physical Patterns Update: Also, talked to the press guy and the printing process was delayed until next Monday. Wow! I was on a roll and then patience had to take its place!! So next week looks like a week of new sewing pattern and new physical patterns!

Sewing for me!: Oh, but in the wait at home while the children are running all over playing and trying to keep cool this summer, I did sew me two tops!!!!! It started out as the Women's Boutique Dress Top and on the second one I got the bodice for me right but I am not liking the back on me..... makes me look fat ;) HA!! So I have decided about a different way to do the back! I hopefully will sew another one today!! Fun Fun!!

And I have to say hello to my friend Melanie B.!!!!! So so glad you are back online!!!!! I have thought about you so much and missed you!

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Melanie Bushby said...


You are so sweet! It's wonderful to be back! I am so excited for you and the launch of all your paper patterns! Very exciting! Sewing for you is just too fun!!I am so happy to hear you are doing something for you! As we all know you are such an amazing Mom and Wife, Take the time to have a little fun sewing up something for you! You deserve it!

I have thought of you all the time, and everytime I did I said a prayer no matter when it was! I would be in the store and you would pop into my thoughts so I would say.."God Thank You for Aimee, Bless her right now at this very moment, May she be safe where ever she is! Bless her Lord"

Its amazing how often God Put you in my heart, He knows what he is doing at all times! It just makes me smile! Thank You for the Welcome back, It was so sweet of you!
Much Love and Many Blessings!

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