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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Sewing Pattern test!

Here is another test of SewSensible Simple Sunday Dress! I made a small change to the sleeve ruffle from the last test and am going to make one more small change to the sleeve ruffle for the next test. All in all I just love this dress and how simple it comes together. I cut it out this morning and sewed this one during naptime. I had some grosgrain ribbon so used that for the bow ties but I think I really rather the fabric bow ties. This one is a size 3,4 but is just the right size to last a couple of years through some growth spurts!


Heather K said...

very pretty! cute as a button.

NaomiG said...

Love this pattern... I really like the fabric you used too.

LouLou said...

PRECIOUS! I do love the fabric bow......

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