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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

At Home Business for Moms!

With gas prices so high and the food prices going up, we all can use some extra money! This is a post to encourage someone out there that YOU CAN DO IT!! I started SewSensible as a hobby not knowing the future gas and food prices and now SewSensible has become a blessing, my at home business, during these times. I know you can use some extra money to help curb the upward prices so I thought that maybe some Mommy or GrandMommy needs a little push today..... start your own at home custom clothing business! You just start slow and you really don't have to invest a whole lot of money. You just need a sewing machine, thread, scissors, fabric, and a "I can do this!" attitude! You can use my patterns or go to You Can Make This! and shop for some there. My patterns are very easy to sew, no buttons or zippers, and with the right fabric choices and eye for detail, you can start making that extra money for your family! :) And if you choose a pattern with a zipper or buttons, YCMT has some great ebooks for this and the button ebook is free!

So I want to do this but how? Well, if you are a beginning sewer, you will want to sew some outfits and gain your confidence. Sew some clothes for your children or friend's children. Make sure you keep your eye on details. If you don't have a serger, the zig zag stitch will be your best friend! After straight stitching side seams, cut your raw edge straight, cut all loose threads, and then zig zag over raw edge to finish. Look at serged edges from store bought clothes and determine your zig zag length and width based on that. You will get a great finished edge if you focus on the details. Also, iron, iron, iron! One trick I use when sewing is to spray with starch. I use spray starch when ironing all my pattern pieces, hems, straps, and ruffles. I have also found that if you wait (which usually I have to because I work in between taking care of children) the starch dries and slightly stiffens the fabric and it just makes for a great clean stitch when sewing!

My advice is to start slow and start with one or two patterns to sew. Don't get overwhelmed about fabric choices. There are so many great fabric designers who design fabric with coordinating color options which make it so easy to pick different fabrics for an outfit and get that "boutique" look!
Where to sell my creaions? Ebay and Etsy are great avenues for this! Etsy has been a wonderful experience.

I will probably post more about this but in the meantime, I just know there is so many talented Mommy's and GrandMommy's out there that believe they can do more for their family but just don't know how..... this is one suggestion! :) Be Blessed!


Donna W said...

Hi Aimee,

I'm just in the process of starting my own at home business. I've decided on a trading name -
wrigglyworms. I'm going to use your patterns. I've decided I'm going to start off with the faith top/dress. I plan on selling my custom creations at the local markets and on ebay.

I just laybyed some fabric as there was a big stocktake sale at my local fabric store. I can't wait to get it off layby, so I can get started.

You've created a monster, I never thought I could do this, but I have now got a passion for fashion, all because of you.

Thank you so much.
regards Donna W.

Paige said...

Yep thanks to you and your awesome patterns I have gained the confidence necessary to sew and make money. The money I am making will be going to bring my little boy home from Thailand.

Thanks so much for your awesome designs and your motivational post to get busy and just do something. Now off to the fabric store to make 4th outfits for the girls!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog while cruising around looking for patterns. What a gift you have for creating patterns. I can't wait to save up some money and get my hands on some of your work!
Greetings from a fellow Aimee :)

Jennifer said...

Aimee' I appreciate your encouragement. I have really been thinking about selling outfits once we are back stateside. When things are so easy to make I never understand why people would want to buy them when they could do it themselves. After talking to several moms I realized those who can do and those who can't seek out those who can. I'm a can so I think I will. =)


CaraBeth Creations said...

Thanks Aimee,

I had gotten really discouraged and decided not to follow through with my plans of making up some clothes for an upcoming festival. Serious serger problems..looks like I'm back to zig zagging! The festival is in October so I was planning to make tops like the FAITH and boutique bottoms that can be worn with a top underneath. So now you've gotten me encouraged again. I think I'll get started today.

BTW...I don't think I'll ever try another pants pattern. I purchased a different one and didn't even try it..too many pattern peices. I'll just stick with the boutique bottoms.

Again thanks and God Bless!

Paula Smith

Laurie Neumann said...

Your outfits are adorable!

I own a home business website and have compiled a Home Business Resource Guide. I'd love to offer your information in it for those who want a sewing at home business.

Thanks for the great work!

jess said...

I have been using your patterns for the past year. Making things for my 3 daughters. I have been talking with my husband about selling some of the items I make. With 3 kids, it can be hard to find the time, but if I MAKE time I know I can make it happen. Thanks for the great patterns and encouragement.


Jessica said...

Hi Aimee,

I always know when I need a little sewing inspiration, I can come here to find it! I am starting small with baby bibs, as I am quilter and have never sewn clothes before.

Awesome Creations!!

Easy to Sew Children Boutique Sewing Patterns

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