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Thursday, March 13, 2008

FAITH Sewing Pattern Creation!

Ok, I am so excited to get my first FAITH Custom Creation!! Thank you so much, H, for sending this to me!! I love the color combination and this is what H said, "the pattern was very easy to create, and the directions crystal clear. It's a very versatile pattern that could be adapted in a hundred ways!"

If any of you have already made a creation with FAITH, I would love to post a picture of your custom creation! Please send it to It would be a blessing! jAlso, there are two ways to tie the back: you can go straight over the shoulders and put through loops and tie a bow or you can criss cross the back and put straps in opposite loops. Both make a cute look!


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is soooo cute and very motivating me to finish the outfit I am sorking on so I can try something new! My husband saw this this morning and Loved it! He asked me how in the world you do this with 8 kids! We are both in awe!

Anonymous said...

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