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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

Today I made two changes to FAITH. I decreased the width of the loops to 3"x9" instead of the 4"x9" and I added to the length of the straps. I changed the 6"x13" on fold to 6"x18" on fold or 6"x36". This was the original dimensions I had and changed them at the last minute but after looking at it again, my personal preference is a thinner loop and longer straps.


MorningSong said...

wasn't there a correction on the dress top or the all in one too? I remember something but I didn't make the change on my pattern. since i was making this update I wanted to do them all at once. do you remember what I am talking about?


SewSensible said...

Good morning, MorningSong! All my pattern corrections are on my website Click Pattern Correction link on the side bar. I did not add the FAITH Correction yet; however, if anybody purchases FAITH as of today, the ebook is revised with the correction.

I believe you are thinking about the Boutique Bottoms correction:
6"x22" on fold instead of 6"x20" on fold.

For the All in One, depending on the size of your child, the size 5/6 pattern makes a short capri however all you have to do is add the desired length you want and it can actually be an All in One short romper, capri romper, or a pant romper! This goes for the Boutique Bottoms as well! :)

Happy Sewing and send me some pics when you are done! And love the smocking in progress dress!

In Christ,

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